26 People Who Hoped for a Sea of Feline Love but Got an Ocean of Problems

4 years ago

Vets say that when cats bite, it means that they are either expressing love, hate, or trying to protect their territory. But cat owners know that a bite is probably the smallest thing that a cat can do. It can be much worse when they are jealous, angry, and destroy everything around them. Especially if this cat is not your cat!

Bright Side is convinced that people should forgive even the biggest mistakes that cats make because they love us a lot. And in order to see how they can show their love, you need to read the entire article.

“Screw this human hygiene.”

Me: “Don’t sit on the keyboard!”

Cat: “Okay.”

“The cat was mad that we weren’t home to feed her dinner, and got back at us by ripping apart a pack of bagels and taking a tiny bite out of EACH ONE!”

“Tried to take a cute Valentine’s Day family photo. The kitten had other plans...”

“Well, what did you expect Karen?”

A life full of limitations

“Honey, I think we have bed bugs.”

“He’s already broken 2 flower pots... And he’s not even our cat.”

“My cat ripped out several blinds in the window to create a nice view for himself.”

“If it’s a bowl, he knocks it over. So I tried a plate...”

Climbing in through the top of the box would have been far too simple.

Moral support

“My cat has started digging my old nursing bras out of storage and presenting them as gifts to our house guests. Is there anything else you could possibly do to embarrass me more, Doug?!?”

“I think she’s summoning something.”

“Hey hooman you remember those bills you were so stressed about. We got rid of them!!”

“This chair has been with me for 8 years. This is what she did to it in 3 months.”

“Our cat was messing with our daughter’s school project.”

“My boyfriend caught her in his underwear drawer.”

“Is there anything else on the menu?”

“He threw my house slipper in the toilet...”

“Does anyone else have this model alarm clock? How do you hit the snooze button?”

“I lost my AirPod then proceeded to find where all my lighters have been going for the last 8 months. Little guy had a stash behind the stove.”

“I have done everything in my power to get Milkshakes to sleep in her bed instead of this box. I even covered the bed in catnip and put it inside the box, but nope. She cried until I took the bed out. Boxes for life!”

Cats are evil.

Does your cat act the same?

“He broke into the snack closet, ate a bunch of popcorn and kibble, couldn’t break back out, and peed himself to sleep.”

Bonus: “So a month ago I dropped a ring & a clip down my bathroom sink and I’ve been scared to try to save it because I was scared it would just drop farther down.”

How does your pet surprise you?


So nasty, but you don't love them less, no matter what they do! ?

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