27 Dramatic Photos From National Geographic That Made Our Hearts Skip a Beat

3 years ago

A leopard hunting a stork, an Italian Mars, young monks and a lake with pink water can all be found in National Geographic’s published gallery of the best travel photos of 2018. If it has been a long time since you were thrilled by the beauty of our planet, you definitely should see these photos.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at these incredible pictures and recommends reading this article very carefully if you haven’t been on vacation for a long time.

Balancing on a knife’s edge

“Mermaid” in Japan

Flamingos taking off in Tanzania

“Mars”, Italy

Geometry of the sun, Mexico

Formation, Costa Rica

Giraffe tango, Tanzania

Hammock camping, Italy

A monk, Myanmar

It’s just another day in India!

Drying peppercorns, Vietnam

Traveling to heaven, India

An opportunistic ox pecker, Kenya

Ipanema beach, Brazil

Pink flamingos, Mexico

Fighting kangaroos, Australia

Winter swell, Australia

Safe in Uganda

Salt in Senegal

Leopard hunting a stork, Tanzania

Shark city, The Bahamas

Cold winter day, Japan

Nacreous clouds, Norway

Nature is the most amazing artist, Kenya.

The backflip of death, Sri Lanka

Flight, China

The girl who leapt through time, China

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Preview photo credit Chris Fallows


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