28 Celebrities Whose True Height Might Have Been a Mystery to You

4 years ago

Photo cameras and video cameras distort the real picture and, often, we can’t even imagine how different actors are from their on-screen characters. Most of the time, people can’t imagine the true height of celebrities, because directors often present tall people as short and vice versa. For example, did you know that Jennifer Lopez is exactly the same height as Daniel Radcliffe, and Margot Robbie is as tall as Elijah Wood?

Bright Side wants to give you a chance to see how different people who are the same height can look.

Bill Kaulitz and Jason Momoa: 6’4″

Elizabeth Debicki and Chris Hemsworth: 6’3″

Karlie Kloss and Will Smith: 6’1.5″

Lais Ribeiro and Robert Pattinson: 6’2″

Irina Shayk and Norman Reedus: 5’10″

Zendaya and Andrew Lincoln: 5’10″

Sophie Turner and Rami Malek: 5’9″

Alexandra Daddario and Zac Efron: 5’8″

Emily Ratajkowski and James McAvoy: 5’7″

Zoe Saldana and Dave Franco: 5’5″

Margot Robbie and Elijah Wood: 5’5″

Jennifer Lopez and Daniel Radcliffe: 5’5″

Selena Gomez and Johnny Galecki: 5’5″

Which celebrities are as tall as you are?


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aww, as a European, it's so hard to understand all these "inches" and stuff. Would be nice if you also wrote it in meters, guys :)


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