28 Disasters Every Girl Has Cried About

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3 years ago

Being a girl is great, but oftentimes there are little problems that can make us angry in a matter of seconds. We think that problems like these are no reason to get upset, they’re just something you can laugh at and forget about.

Bright Side has collected photos of the most popular problems that nearly every girl faces.

What happens when you wear lipstick:

When you used too much concealer and the color of your face doesn’t match the color of your neck:

What guys think $98 of makeup is vs what it really is:

“What highlighter are these cookies using?”

When you have thin hair:

When you bought a new brush and think, “I will clean it regularly”. In a week, you have this:

“I’ve always been told not to cry after a spray tan.”

And they also have better hair!

This is why many girls are often late...

How you know it’s time to get your nails done again:

When you are going on vacation with your boyfriend and ask him to take a beautiful picture of you:

Sometimes, this is the only way.

When you forget you have makeup on:

“As a woman, I want to have the same rights as rattlesnakes.”

This is why you should never carry powder in your handbag...

...or concealer, for that matter.

You just wanted to have hair bands with you!

It always happens at the worst possible moment.

When you try to put your hair in a bun:

“Only girls with thick hair will understand my struggle.”

A cool photo on a windy day? Nope.

And they’ll just get lost anyway...

Girls with long nails know how bad this situation is.

This is how you open nail polish:

When you smile while feeling furious about the bra strap:

It’s always hard to choose.

And this happens every evening!

When you walk on grass in heels:

What problems do you regularly have? Tell us in the comment section below!


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