“She Didn’t Age Well,” Catherine O’Hara’s Makeup-Free Video Sparks Backlash

2 months ago

In an era where social media magnifies every aspect of celebrity life, Catherine O’Hara’s recent makeup-free video has ignited a storm of commentary. The beloved actress, known for her timeless elegance, dared to share a glimpse of her natural self, sparking a divisive response.

There were mean comments on the video.

Brian Baumgartner, renowned for his portrayal of Kevin Malone in The Office, recently shared a humorous video on Instagram alongside Catherine, reenacting a memorable scene from Home Alone where she humorously yells “Kevin.”

Despite the lighthearted nature of the post, the comments it garnered were unfortunately less than kind, with remarks like “She looks 90” and “She didn’t age well.” Such comments, including comparisons to a “scary filter” and aging like a banana, highlighted the unfortunate prevalence of online negativity.

Despite this, Baumgartner and Catherine’s playful video serves as a reminder of the power of humor in confronting criticism and spreading positivity.

Fans came to the rescue.

Despite the barrage of negative comments on Brian Baumgartner’s Instagram post featuring Catherine, fans swiftly came to her defense with a wave of positivity. One fan aptly pointed out, “Y’all she was 36 IN 1990!!? Of course, after 34 years she’s gonna look old, she’s SEVENTY,” offering a much-needed perspective on the passage of time.

Another admirer passionately argued, “Not everyone wants a face full of plastic and fillers,” applauding Catherine’s refusal to succumb to societal pressures of eternal youth. Similarly, a supportive comment celebrated her authenticity, stating, “Finally a lady who doesn’t ruin her face with fillers and Botox. So human!❤️”

These responses not only countered the negativity but also underscored the beauty of aging gracefully and authentically. As one fan aptly reminded, “For reference: Home Alone was filmed 34 years ago. ’She didn’t age well.’ Ummm..... She’s 70, so,” effectively shutting down any unwarranted criticism of Catherine’s appearance.

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