28 Incredibly Gentle Illustrations That Show What Love Is

4 years ago

When it gets really difficult to describe love, people take paintbrushes and draw. And as you know, there are lots of masterpieces that were created to portray this strong feeling!

Bright Side has decided to share the coolest works of modern illustrators who managed to do the impossible: draw true love.

Incredibly sensual pictures by Zipsy

Heartwarming and tender illustrations by Jeong Hyocheon

True happiness by Nidhi Chanani

The movie love in Hong Seung Uk’s works

Amazing pictures by Margarita Kukhtina

Simple magic by Alexandra Dikaia

The joy of being together by Pascal Campion

Strong feelings in Marianna Tomaselli’s eyes

Vivid stories by Perci Chen

The lifelong journey depicted by Jarom Vogel

Two halves by Cloudy Thurstag

Love at first sight by Aeppol from South Korea

Always together by Iasio Neris

Which pictures did you like most? Did it evoke any deep emotions?

Preview photo credit zipcy/ Instagram, zipcy/ Instagram


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