28 Photos That Prove Modern Art Can Be Surprising

3 years ago

Even if you prefer classic art and sculpture, don't ignore modern art. Maybe, you will find some creations from modern artists that will really amaze you. Or at least, they will make you laugh.

Bright Side collected 28 pieces of art from all over that world that will amaze anyone who can appreciate beauty and originality.

A meditating sculpture by Paige Bradley

A piece of art from Burning Man: Inner child

A man emerging from under the ground by Ervin Loránth Hervé

Unusual porcelain sculptures from Hong Kong artist Johnson Tsang

A really detailed ghost ship made by a sculpturer and tattoo-artist Jason Stieva

An anthropomorphic wolf by an American artist Leah Brown

Creative miniatures from ad agency employee, writer, and artist Derrick Lin

One of many very realistic sculptures from artist Ron Mueck

Paintings by Mexican artist Omar Ortiz are hard to tell from real people

An ethereal sculpture from Luo Li Rong a Chinese artist who now works in Belgium

A singing David Bowie statue in Aylesbury, Great Britain that was made by Andrew Sinclair

Artist London Kaye doesn't draw street art, she knits it.

Street artist Tom Bob turns very ordinary things into art objects.

Voluminous paintings from Justin Gaffrey Gallery

Art variations of Stormtrooper helmets from Star Wars in the Art Wars project

The construction of the tallest statue in the world is coming to the end in India. It's going to be 567 ft tall.

"Now Pop Art" from Mexican artist Paul Fuentes

A sculpture from Norweigan artist Fredrik Raddum

And this is food art: huge lollipops based on selfies, from the Firebox Company

Photographer Blake Little made a series of works called Preservation. He covered his models with a thick layer of honey.

A golden Louis Vuitton toilet from Illma Gore. It costs $100,000.

But art doesn't have to be expensive. For example, the British company Veolia made a dress out of regular garbage.

And American artist Scott Gundersen uses wine corks to create portraits.

Fascinating "liquid" paintings by Brittany Zick-Chavez

18-year-old artist known as AJ will make you reconsider the boring task of embroidery

Magic watercolor from Marina Ignatova

A "quantum sculpture" made by Julian Voss-Andreae from Germany. It disappears if you look at it from a specific angle.

A sculpture about relationships by The Pier Group

Unfortunately, it was burned 5 days after it was set up, but it was probably worth it.

Which of these pieces of art did you like the most? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!


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