27 Sights That Are More Satisfying Than Stepping on Leaves in Autumn

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One of the most satisfying things in the world is walking on crunchy leaves during the fall and peeling off the plastic cover off of a new phone. But what about those times when satisfaction came from people who knew exactly how to color coordinate objects and how to arrange objects by size? Well, in this article we’ll show you some of the most aesthetically pleasing sights that are true eye candy.

1. “Fiber optic goodness at my office”

2. These amazingly parked cars that are also colorfully arranged are way too satisfying to look at!

3. This electrical engineer deserves an award!

4. A perfectly divided 2-toned cherry

5. The way the snow built up on the patio is like a perfectly symmetric street sculpture.

6. Little perfectly rectangular cereal pieces that are also color coordinated

7. Perfectly shaped and perfectly cooked pancakes that make us want to stare at them instead of eat them

8. A leafy green arrangement from lighter to darker fresh onions that inspire our cooking

9. This wall in Harry Hays’ building in Calgary is filled with different types of bread, and it also spells “bread” in the middle.

10. These perfectly aligned endless rows of cheese in a parmesan warehouse

11. These jelly beans look a lot more appetizing now that they’re organized like a color wheel.

12. “I found this rock with a perfectly straight line in the middle — look at how it matches the horizon.”

13. “I made a perfect swirl when I squeezed my moisturizer out of the tube.”

14. We bet this sandwich is as tasty as it looks!

15. The way these supermarket shelves are organized proves why the person who did it should get a raise!

16. Captured at the right moment from the right angle — the way the sun and shadow are mirrored creates perfect symmetry.

17. The way these nuts are aligned together is satisfying to look at.

18. The raindrops on the sunroof of this car create a perfect gradient rainbow.

19. A very aesthetically pleasing drawer that is so organized, you can count the money in minutes.

20. A stack of shuffled rainbow post-it notes that merge together so beautifully

21. “My meager carrot harvest that grew in a gradient color pattern”

22. There’s something really comforting about seeing your vitamins fit so perfectly in a pill box.

23. Perfectly round egg-yolks that form a daisy flower

24. The way these leaves have grown in a gradient is very satisfying to look at.

25. A very organized sugar spectrum that makes you want to eat them all

26. “My toothpaste came out as a musical eighth note!”

27. This snake’s skin looks so smooth and velvety it makes us want to cuddle it!

Do you also find it calming to arrange objects this way? Please share your thoughts and photos with us!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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This is too good. The bottles were pure satisfaction for an order freak like me ?


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