29 Nostalgic Family Photos From Eras That Seem to Be Gone Forever

These imperfect photos that are scratched, out of focus, and overexposed have a magnetic charm about them. They’re so interesting, we want to look at them over and over again. The faces in them are beautiful and are from another time, telling a story in every picture. These stories are naive, sad, and even funny. Internet users have shared some of these photos and we want to share them with you. Dive into the memories of the past with us!

Bright Side published the most moving pictures from times that are gone but definitely not forgotten.

“My mother in the ’80s.”

“Here is a picture of my dad from the ’80s. He’s my hero. My grandfather was a firefighter too. The real heroes are firefighters, policemen, and all military!”

“My grandma with a friend who was in love with her.”

“My grandma in the ’60s. She had small parts in musical theatre and comedy productions.”

“My mother didn’t like my father when she met him and she ran away from him through a window. He brought her flowers, walked her home, fixed her bike and 6 months later she gave in.”

“My English grandfather and Armenian grandmother on their wedding day in Cyprus, 1956.”

“My mother at a photo shoot in the’ 90s.”

“This is my sister. She’ll be 18 this year. The photo won a competition and we got a music player.”

“My young grandfather in 1958. He’s just 20 years old here.”

“My grandparents in love. They lived together for their entire lives and had two children. My grandfather is dead now.”

“My father, a medical student, at the end of the ’80s.”

“My grandmother is 25 years old here.”

“My grandmother driving a Volga in 1968.”

“My grandparents in the ’70s.”

“My mother is 17.”

“My father who I really love. I loved listening to stories about this cat that enjoyed eating canned tomatoes.”

“My great-grandparents in the ’30s.”

“1991. My dad was 21. He was a polite punk with a cool haircut that he gave himself.”

“My mother as a student in 1981.”

“My mother at the end of the ’90s. Soon, she’ll go to Great Britain to study, return, leave her husband, and open her own language school.”

“My mother who was good at music in 1986.”

“My dad in the 10th grade at a school dance party in 1994.”

“My mother in the ’90s.”

“My grandfather in the South Pole, 1977.”

“My mother in childhood.”

“My grandparents in the ’60s.”

“My great-grandmother loved the sea. It was the ’30s.”

“My grandmother is on the left. At the age of 15, she joined the army as a radio operator replacing three men.”

“My grandfather never told me about the war. Recently I’ve found out through Internet archives that he returned home in 1946 and had a lot of medals.”

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