31 Animal Photos That Can Make You Feel Warm Even on a Freezing Day

5 years ago

On cold winter days, nothing can make you feel better than a cup of warm coffee and your animals. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can take a look at these photos of a puppy who has funny ears, a raccoon that wants a lot of hugs, or a homeless dog that made a stranger’s day way better.

Bright Side has made a new compilation of 31 moving animal photos that everyone will love.

This woman rescued a pit bull, and he can’t stop hugging her.

How to start your day off right:

Meet Cinnamon, she was born with ears that look like cinnamon rolls.

“Woke up to this gorgeous owl one above my front door.”

“I found this puppy in the oil fields of West Texas and I named him Dobby.”

This baby duck is sleeping.

“The shelter told us he wasn’t good with people, after being adopted and returned twice. Good thing we didn’t listen.”

Fighting sleep and losing

He’s a really, really, ridiculously good looking puppy and he knows it.

Everyone needs a hug.

Such a scary guard dog!

Lost kitten needs forever home!

“Moose, my sidekick, my partner, and my best friend, thank you for being such an amazing creature.”

“Our dog got freaked out by the New Year’s Eve firecrackers and refused to leave the kitchen. We found my dad on the kitchen floor like this...”

“My fiancé is out of town and wanted pics of “the belly.”

Anywhere. You could sit anywhere.

“I got a new hearing aid today, and this cutie tested the volume levels by purring directly into it. Thanks, Archie, you’re the best!”

Today’s flight just got interesting.

“I took my puppy to work last week — He loved it.”

“My old girl is worn out from entertaining visitors all day.”

“My friend saw this guy on the metro.”

A proud father

“Found this hat online and had to buy it for her.”

Round and soft

“Meet Hiccup, we’ve given him a home for Christmas.”

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes.

A baby tamandua (type of anteater) at the Cincinnati Zoo

This sweet dog’s face after being reunited with his dad after 7 months. He was brought to a shelter and scanned for a microchip — his info was up to date and dad came right away!

“My best friend’s 27th birthday. I made him a cake!”

“I was having a bad day and this dog walked to my bus stop, sat on the bench, and asked me for pets. I’m now having a good day.”

Tiny little pocket pal

Which of these animals did you like the most?

Preview photo credit Jamie Holt / Facebook


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