32 Behind-the-Scenes Details We Had No Idea Until We Saw Them

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One of the great magic of cinema is to come across incredible scenes that make us reflect on how that is even possible. Although, nowadays, everyone knows that this is all about visual effects and computer graphics, it’s still really cool to see all the tricks behind the scenes and moments that allowed us to see a completely different side of the characters we usually watch.

We at Bright Side invite you to dive into the fantastic world of cameras and contemplate what technology, combined with creativity and talent, is capable of. Of course, we wouldn’t leave out those unique moments that take place behind the scenes of major productions.

1. The amount of work it takes to achieve Gamora’s distinctive green skin.

2. A relaxed backstage atmosphere while that villain you’re scared to death gets ready.

3. Angelina Jolie shows behind the scenes of becoming a scary, beautiful Maleficent.

4. Even Geralt of Rivia can’t resist taking a selfie in the dressing room.

5. Why not have fun if the villains are not real and you actually don’t have to drive anywhere? This is on the set of Wonder Woman 1984.

6. Uma Thurman getting transformed into the imposing Poison Ivy for Batman & Robin.

7. Nicholas Hoult finds inspiration for filming Mad Max in literature.

8. Makeup doing magic in Stranger Things scenes.

9. Behind-the-scenes shots of John Wick: Chapter 3 with the incomparable Keanu Reeves.

10. Thanos definitely looks more joyful behind the scenes.

11. Spider-Man poses for the camera with his colleagues.

12. Lucifer is the center of everyone’s attention, even in between filming.

13. Even a talented actor like Leo needs to keep checking the script. This is a shot from the set of The Wolf of Wall Street.

14. It’s hard to imagine how difficult getting used to the role is when you are surrounded by green screens.

15. Yara Greyjoy trying to get rid of the water in her boots

16. If you peek behind the scenes of the Life Of Pi movie, you might notice that some of the water scenes were done indoors.

17. The hi-tech hidden in even the most uninhabited Star Wars planets.

18. Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Kate Winslet, and Cliff Curtis on the set of the second part of the Avatar movie

19. Iron Man without his costume

20. Drax looking through his social media as long as the galaxy is safe...

21. Here is how Joseph Gordon-Levitt walked in the rotating corridor in the movie, Inception.

22. Matt Damon wasn’t really alone, even on Mars.

23. When so many cameras are filming you, it’s important to look properly.

24. When the Avengers really need you but your hair isn’t ready yet:

25. Even the royal family has stunt doubles — this is during filming for The Crown series.

26. Step by step to make the perfect call of the new season.

27. It must be difficult for Aaron Paul to talk to a robot when there is someone sitting next to him in a striped costume.

28. For Stranger Things 4th season, Millie Bobby Brown didn’t need to shave her hair. It’s so real that hardly anyone noticed.

29. At the beginning of the movie, Chris Evans was still young but he “aged” by the final part. These pics show that he becomes happier with age.

30. When director Todd Phillips is watching his every step, the Joker stops smiling.

31. In the movie, we can see how easily Mark Ruffalo can turn green. But in reality, it takes a little while.

32. They can do homework without any magic.

It’s jaw-dropping, right? Can you imagine all this combined with a few more years of development amd new technologys?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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