32 Curious Photos Where Crazy Things Are Happening That Can’t Be Explained

9 months ago

There’s always room for mysteries in our world. Even the most ordinary situation can turn into an unbelievable series of events.

Bright Side gathered 35 photos that evoke a lot of curious questions. Let’s see if you can guess what’s going on!

I guess this car is allergic to gas.

Now I’ve seen everything. Including banana geese.


What kind of yoga is this?

"Someone bike-locked their canoe at my school."

"My aunt grew this tomato from seeds, and it apparently began growing strawberries inside itself."

"My kid’s big white tiger she won from a carnival is stuffed with...a regular tiger."

A deck of cards. An extended version.

I wonder what is going on in that kitchen?

A polar bear wants to become friends with a child in a polar bear costume.

The white rice comes in a brown bag, and the brown rice comes in a white bag. No stereotypical thinking in this factory!

"Ready to grow my extra set of arms this winter."

"This strange bird looks like a dog."

It’s really hard to imagine who you might meet in this river.

"My swim team is kinda strange when it comes to pictures."

A penguin rush hour. Keep on scrolling.

What’s going on in there...

Road workers can get creative too.

"What the heck happened to that window? And why is this man so casual about it?"

How? I mean...how?

So how often do you have to walk them?

"Meanwhile in Minnesota..."

"This sign has no clue what’s going on..."

Every pet needs fresh air from time to time.

This lady covered her entire car with human hair.

When you can’t trust anyone in your city:

I guess a little accident was left behind the scenes.

These guys asked for a ride to the nearest pond.

"Recruited the world’s most adorable army today!"

"Meanwhile in Oklahoma...the pool party never ends."

And I forgot where I was going...

"Not sure what happened here, but I think it involves a parallel universe."

It’s amazing how many fun surprises and comic situations occur in life. Do you have any ideas about what is going on in these photos? Share your ideas, stories, and photographs in the comments.

Preview photo credit pikabu, MilkMan87/reddit


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today i believe i've seen it all
are you freaking kidding me?
how does a car goes through a pole without taking out the pole?


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