35 Pictures That Show Life With Animals the Way It Is

3 years ago

Our pets are not only good friends, but also a source of laughter and comic relief.

Bright Side has collected photographs that every person who has a pet will understand.

Sometimes cute pets look like pure evil.

And sometimes as if they just want to be left alone.

When you spend an hour looking for your pet, and it turns out that...

But your life can be much more fun with them.

Lifehacks don't work with them: "Pinterest told me to put forks in my planters to deter cats."

Sometimes they can get stuck in the most unusual places.

How is this even possible?

You can't leave snacks alone around them.

There are 2 kinds of cats:

Sometimes cats act like dogs.

And dogs like cats.

And this hamster was disappointed when his owners took too long to find a lid for his ball.

Post-surgery collars turn their life into a comedy.

Cats can look at something they did in such an innocent way, as if it wasn't them.

Not all cats feel really good in boxes.

Sometimes they are busier than us.

And their owners are ready to do anything to support them during a difficult time.

Your pet also deserves a pool in hot weather.

Sometimes your pets are more popular than you are.

When they realize that they are not going to the park, but to the vet instead:

They can flirt better than anyone.

You think that if you mix 2 kinds of dog food, your dog will eat both?

This is what the devil must look like:

And this is an angel.

They really appreciate our presents. This dog won't put the horse down for more than a couple of hours.

Some of them are not as smart as we'd like.

But they never give up: "I got a timed feeder for my cat to try to help him lose weight. He sleeps like this now."

And sometimes they put on weight...

They can turn a celebration into a disaster.

But they are always sorry. Almost always.

They will do anything with you.

Even simple photos with them look epic.

They do terrible things. "Sorry class, my dog ate everyone's homework."

They destroy everything they can.

This is what happens if you turn on a vacuum cleaner:

Bonus: Your new sleeping arrangements if you get a dog

We are sure that your pets also do funny things. Share your stories about them in the comment section below!


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