40+ Online Resources That Will Improve Your Drawing Skills (Even If You’re an Absolute Beginner)

4 years ago

It is a myth that all artists are poor. Today, with the help of Facebook, Instagram, and sites like Saatchi Art, anyone can sell pictures and make money. Besides, drawing can prevent depression and improve the structure of your brain.

Here at Bright Side, we love to learn new things and develop our skills. We think that it’s important to find a good teacher and exciting lessons, whether online or face-to-face. So, here’s a list of 44 free and paid resources that will help you create your own artwork.

There are a lot of art materials to choose from, but we’ve selected the most popular: pencil and charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and even digital art. And at the end of the article you’ll see a list of online courses that contain lessons about all types of paint.

Pencil & Charcoal


  1. Watts Atelier offers video lessons for free.
  2. Mark Crilley’s Youtube channel is suitable for beginners.
  3. One more Youtube channel, from Heather Rooney, is one that advanced students will find useful.
  4. Circle Line Art School will teach you to draw optical illusions.


5. Proko is a course that offers both free and paid lessons.

6. Creatureartteacher.com shows you the basics of charcoal drawing.

7. Vilppu Academy is useful for learning sketching skills.



8. The Youtube channel Art and Sketch provides a lot of video tutorials.

9. My Art Academy will teach you to work with soft pastels.

10. Larisa Carli has great speed-painting videos.



11. Nitin Singh Watercolor Art provides free painting tutorials.

12. The Youtube channel Watercolor Misfit will give you valuable information about watercolor.

13. The Mind of Watercolor videos are suitable for both beginner and advanced artists.

14. Kelogsloops is a funny Youtube channel with tutorials.

15. Mateusz Urbanowicz will show you how cool watercolor paintings can be.


16. Anna Mason online school is suitable for all skill levels.

17. Watercolor Painting will give you access to 81 video classes.

18. Rebecca Rhodes Art will teach you to paint realistic watercolor paintings.

19. Angela Fehr courses are suitable even for those who can’t draw at all.



20. The Youtube channel Will Kemp Art School will show you how to paint with acrylics.

21. The Art Sherpa has a bunch of awesome tutorials.

22. Painting With Jane provides you with step-by-step acrylic painting videos.



23. Daria Callie offers tutorials and painting time-lapses for free.

24. Lena Danya will teach you the oil painting basics.

25. Robin Sealark will show you how to draw realistic water.

26. Sergey Gusev has portrait painting tutorials for beginners.

27. Will Kemp Art School will teach you about oil painting techniques and terminology.

28. Online Art Lessons has 20 free tutorials for different skill levels.

29. Draw Mix Paint offers a full free course about oil painting for beginners.


30. Michael James Smith offers fee-based oil-painting tutorials and short preview videos for them.



31. ctrlPaint.com offers you free access to digital painting videos.


32. With Schoolism you’ll learn the fundamentals of digital painting.

33. The Oatley Academy helps you create portfolios.

34. CG Spectrum provides you with the knowledge needed for a career in art.

35. Learn Squared offers unique paid courses from artists.

36. GNOMON is suitable for those who want to build a career in digital art.

37. CGMA gives you an opportunity to learn from the industry’s best.

All types of materials


38. The Virtual Instructor offers free painting lessons, from charcoal to oil.

39. PaintBasket is great for beginners and those who don’t know how to mix paint.

40. ArtTutor.com adds a new painting tutorial every week.

41. Sheldon’s Portfolio Art School allows you to watch the sketching process.


42. Draw and paint online courses consist of 30 hours of study for beginners.

43. New Masters Academy is great for those who want to draw figures.

44. Nancy Hillis’ technique is based on knowledge from an existential psychiatrist.

Which type of material will you choose to create your first piece of art? Or will it be digital? Have you learned a lot from any online course?

Preview photo credit Depositphotos.com
Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side


I want to try oil painting, maybe I will use these sites, why not? :)
Thank you for sharing.
I used to watch tutorials on YouTube, but they were not connected to each other. I have always wanted to try some online courses or so. Thanks for sharing :)
Also remember that the key to improving is practice and patience! :)
Watercolor paintings always interested me. When I see such painting, I always want to buy watercolors and try draw something too, but I have never drawn ?
I might actually try it now!

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