5 Reasons Why Attractive People Tend to Be Single

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It might seem like being incredibly attractive takes your life to a whole new level. Everything seems to be given to these people on a silver platter — discounts, free stuff, and even jobs. It’s also easier to find a dream boyfriend or girlfriend when you’re pleasing to the eye. Believe it or not, pretty people do struggle, even though they might give the opposite impression.

1. Their beauty is intimidating.

It’s much easier to talk to a “girl next door” rather than a stunning supermodel who seems to be way out of your league. In the end, guys are anxious to talk to gorgeous women, and girls go for average-looking men. Male Reddit users explain this by saying that they avoid talking to beautiful girls to protect themselves from rejection and self-esteem damage. They assume someone better-looking will come around, so it’s not even worth trying.

2. They are seen as potential cheaters.

“They’re all players,” “They attract girls/guys like sugar to an ant,” or “I can’t bear being jealous all the time.” These are just a few things that may cross people’s minds when they consider dating an attractive person. Some might worry about their handsome boyfriend staying faithful. Less attractive guys, however, complement their appearance with kindness and make women feel more appreciated.

3. Everyone thinks they’re already taken.

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For most people, it’s hard to believe that an attractive person can be single. Guys and girls don’t even think about approaching their potential dream boyfriend or girlfriend. If the admirer finds out that the other half of their dreams is single, they still struggle, since now they’re just intimidated by their beauty. What a vicious cycle!

4. They have trust issues.

Attractive girls are worried that their so-called boyfriends might use them to show off in front of his friends. After all, beautiful people are often judged on their appearance, and people can forget about their personalities. One female Reddit user said, “Every time I think a man is ’nice,’ generally, he’s mean to everyone else and just wants to have a fling with me. Then they become mean to me for not wanting that.”

5. They’re seen as snobbish.

This is especially true if they’re shy and attractive at the same time. One Reddit user told a story: “I went out to help a friend with an event, and he introduced me to a lot of people working at the fair. I talked to them nicely, then sat down in a place where I wouldn’t bother anyone, since they were busy selling their crafts to people. Sometime later, my friend told me everyone thought I was arrogant because I sat down away from everyone.”

What are some other reasons why attractive people stay single? Would you date a gorgeous person?

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It's sad that people act based on preconceived notions rather than treating each other with the realization that we're all human, basically the same, and each of us has our own insecurities regardless of perceived "attractiveness". Life would be so much easier if we didn't put so much emphasis on looks.


the fact most of them are players is true


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