Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Reunion Sparks Controversy: “He Actually Looks Happy”

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6 months ago

The ex-couple reunited in Italy with their kids and had a great time together. Now fans wonder if there’s something more to the family reunion. Some suspect infidelity while others congratulate the stars and admire their co-parenting style.

They met up recently.

Not so long ago, Ben was spotted in Florence, Italy with Jennifer Garner and their kids. It was Friday afternoon and the two were seen at the getaway. Their kids Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel also joined in.

Ben was happy to see his ex-wife.

The actor was especially happy to see Jennifer and his kids. His face lit up as he gave Jennifer a warm hug that didn’t go unnoticed. Some even point out that Ben looks happier than ever. They couldn’t help but notice the change in Ben’s behavior.

He affectionately hugged his kids.

Ben was also incredibly excited to see his kids. The actor was photographed walking with his arms spread wide open as his 11-year-old son, Samuel, ran toward him. After a sweet hug, Affleck greeted his daughters — Violet, 17, and Seraphina, 14.

Some fans are suspicious.

Their heartwarming reunion caused quite a stir on social media. Someone commented, “This is the happiest I’ve ever seen him look.” Another user confirmed, “Wow he actually looks happy.”

Somebody asked, “What is happening? I see pictures of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, is it betrayal or what?” “He’s... capable of smiling like that?!” Some also wished that Ben and Jen G were still together.

Others are happy for them.

Other fans are happy for Ben and Jennifer. “It’s good to be friendly with the other parent, even if exes. A casual hug seems appropriate,” “Co-parenting at its finest,” “Ben is an amazing Dad. JG makes sure co-parenting goes smoothly. Much respect for her.”

Most fans reacted positively and wished Ben, Jennifer and their kids the best.

You might have noticed that Jennifer’s eldest daughter looks just like her. It’s true, she’s the spitting image of her mother! In this article, we reveal her uncanny resemblance, take a better look and see it for yourself.


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