5 Reasons Why People Used to Look Older Than They Actually Were

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Time flies and tastes change, but only one thing stays the same: our parents looked older when they were like us. People in the past seemed to age way faster, and we can’t help but rack our brains as to why. Even if we compare today’s celebs with their teen photos, we can see a drastic difference. As it turns out, it’s more than just the camera quality or bad lightning.

1. We have better health.

These days, we have better healthcare, and our lifestyle choices have changed for the better. Additionally, more effective medications have been created, our life expectancy is way longer now, and the population’s health, in general, has improved significantly. Consequently, we have fewer unfavorable conditions that make us age prematurely.

2. People and styles change.

What was trendy in the 1980s is now considered to be old-fashioned. When we see people in their fifties who dress in fashionable (according to the trends of the time) clothes, we see them as older. They’re simply dressed like old people in our eyes. In contrast, people of the same age who wear clothes that are stylish now are perceived as younger.

3. The beauty industry is more developed now.

We have such a whopping number of different creams, serums, gels, and ointments, it seems impossible to age. Plastic surgery is also way more popular and affordable now than before. That’s one of the reasons why celebrities, for example, don’t seem to age at all. Just think about the amount of money and time they invest in their bodies and faces!

4. Couples don’t rush.

One study found that the number of women who gave birth for the first time in their forties has increased. In the past, the average age of having your first baby was around 23 years old, and by 2011, it increased to 29 years old. Additionally, people get married much later now, and families are getting smaller, which means fewer responsibilities.

5. We strive to look younger.

Today’s generation is obsessed with looking and acting young. Unlike several centuries ago, when people put on gray wigs to look older, we now sweep anti-aging creams from the shelves. The media puts youth on a pedestal. We look at young models and never-aging celebrities and start to feel like we need to keep up with them too.

Did your parents look younger or older when they were your age? Do you look young for your age?


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