45+ Truth Bombs to Drop at Your Next Dinner Party

10 months ago

If you’re looking to fill your brain with amazing facts to impress your friends, you’ve come to the right place. Dropping these truth bombs will turn anyone into an expert at the dinner table and be the start of an entertaining conversation. No scientific degree required.

1. Over 100 people have been cryogenically frozen in hopes that one day they will be revived through new technology.

2. We have lines on our skin that are only visible under certain lights.

3. A man suffered from hiccups for 68 years.

4. The reason why pool tables are green is that the game was first played outside on grass.

5. The concept of rap battles has existed since the fifth century.

6. In Japan, crooked teeth are considered cute.

7. It takes more calories to eat celery than celery has in it to begin with.

8. Our eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days.

9. Tomatoes have more genes than human beings.

10. Most lipsticks contain fish scales.

11. When a person is lying, the temperature of their nose increases.

12. The sentence, “Go,” is the shortest English sentence.

13. The sunflower absorbs both radiation and pollution with its leaves and stem.

14. Shakespeare was the first to replace “you” with “u.”

15. In advertisements, the time displayed on a watch is almost always 10:10.

16. Steve Jobs is said to have relieved stress by putting his feet in the company’s toilets.

17. About 62% of the world’s naturally formed lakes are found in Canada.

18. Termites could be a future source of renewable energy.

19. At the beginning of the chef’s hat usage, the number of pleats represented the amounts of recipes or techniques they’d be able to re-create.

20. A pizza with 30% of our daily nutrients was designed in Scotland.

21. 2 hours of silence per day can enhance learning and memory.

22. Antarctica does not have its own time zone, but each research facility has their own local time.

23. Polar bear fur is not white, but clear, and only looks white because it reflects light.

24. Honey never spoils.

25. It’s urine mixed with chlorine that irritates your eyes while swimming.

26. Mexico has the highest consumption of Coca-Cola per capita in the world.

27. Soccer players run an average of 11 km per game.

28. We are all living 80 milliseconds in the past because that’s the time our brain needs to process information.

29. The holes at the top of pen caps are there to prevent you from choking if you swallow one.

30. There is a chimpanzee that knows how to cook, play an instrument, and use a computer.

31. Growing a beard has great health benefits. It protects you from the sun, can prevent asthma attacks, and even slows down aging.

32. Marshmallows were first sold as cough medicine.

33. Every year, hundreds of trees are planted by squirrels.

34. The smaller pocket inside of your jean pocket is meant for a pocket watch.

35. Queen Elizabeth II didn’t have a passport.

36. Blue eyes are the result of a mutation that happened 6,000-10,000 years ago — before this, everyone had brown eyes.

37. Most dust particles in our homes aren’t dead skin.

38. Taxis are yellow because yellow is the easiest color to spot from a distance.

39. The manchineel tree is so poisonous that even touching the rainwater dripping from it can burn your skin.

40. Cauliflower makes a sound as it grows.

41. Soap operas got their name because, at first, they were sponsored by soap companies who were marketing to housewives.

42. There is a type of jellyfish that is biologically immortal.

43. Hot water weighs more than cold water.

44. In zero gravity, a candle’s flame is round and blue.

45. The church, La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, has been in construction since 1882 and will not be finished until 2026.

46. If a sumo wrestler makes a baby cry, it’s considered good luck in Japan.

47. There is a star named Lucy, the core of which is most likely made entirely of diamonds.

48. An octopus has 9 brains and blue blood.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Max / Vecteezy
Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side


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#22 It's hard to get a moment of silence when you have little siblings, though.
#26 I'll get out of the pool faster than I can say "gross" the next time.


#36 - today I learned something new! I have always thought it was just design..


Most of those cryofrozen people had illnesses and decided to do so in hopes that when they get revived, world will already find the cure to their illnesses.


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