6 Surprising Things Your Nail Shape Can Reveal

9 months ago

Everyone has differently shaped nails: some have broad and square ones, others small and narrow ones. But have you ever thought how much they can tell you?

A well-known scientist has produced a research paper where he admits that the natural shape of nails, like fingerprints, may contain information about their owner’s personality.

Bright Side decided to check this. Just find your shape, and read the description. Does it fit?

Broad, long, and rectangular nails

Calm, pragmatic, balanced, independent people with a broad mindset. They’re reliable and have an acute sense of responsibility for their words and actions. Born leaders.

Very small square nails

Sharp, flexible, and resourceful people with quick wits. Very explosive, though their outbursts pass soon. They tend to be greedy and aggressive, as well as jealous.

Long and narrow nails

Egoistic and calculating people with opportunistic principles. They love luxury and demand attention to themselves. They often get offended.

Short nails

Short-tempered and impatient, these people are nevertheless incredibly quick-witted. The shorter the nails, the more demanding such a person is to themselves and others. They always strive to have their way and are incorrigible perfectionists.

Almond-shaped nails

Delicate, tender, and romantic souls with idealistic views. They like feeling useful to others, and they’re very sentimental, soft, and easy to offend.

Triangular nails

Artistic with a delicate personality and constantly changing mood, always on edge and prone to nervous breakdowns. They want to be recognized and famous, and they hate losing.

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