6 Ways You Didn’t Realize Your Dad Influenced Your Life

Fathers who do more chores have daughters with high ambitions. However, a dad’s help at home isn’t the only thing that plays a role in this. A father’s involvement in his children’s lives has a huge impact on them and their character, from mental health and self-confidence to cognitive abilities.

Bright Side wants to pay tribute to our fathers and everything they do for us, so we’re happy to tell you what hides behind their actions. It seems like their impact on us is truly remarkable!

1. He makes you feel secure.

Dads are important for children in forming their emotional state. The support and affection that comes from fathers provide a feeling of security and self-confidence. While growing up, children face a lot of ups and downs in their lives, and a father’s strong helping hand is exactly what they need. Moreover, such a presence is able to promote a child’s cognitive and social development.

2. He forms the way you make relationships.

Not even noticing it themselves, children constantly look at how their fathers behave with people around them and copy their attitude. Later in life, children can choose friends, lovers and people around them in the same way their fathers did. The way they see any relationship will be based on their father’s example.

3. He helps you to believe in yourself.

When a dad spends time with his children, supports them in any hobby, and is always by their side, it does wonders for his kids. They get over their fears and feel more confident when they grow up. A father who neglects his children risks leaving them with fears and a strong feeling of being worthless.

4. He makes you a true thinker.

Children who have fathers actively involved in their development tend to be smarter. Dads who talk a lot to their children also expand their vocabulary and help them to achieve more complex language skills. As a result, their youngsters do better at school and have good learning skills. Such children also typically have outstanding problem-solving skills and are very intelligent in general.

5. He gives you a view of a “man’s world.”

With a father’s positive example, we are able to form our view on gender. Boys look at their dads and learn how to control emotion and how to use their strength and masculinity for the best. Girls use their father’s example to build relationships with men, learn how to trust them and decide how to behave around them. Later on down the line, a child’s behavior will depend heavily on what they learned from their dads.

6. He prepares you for real life.

Reality is not always as carefree as we want it to be, and while mothers might try to protect us from it as much as possible, fathers are ready to open our eyes. Men choose justice, fairness, and duty, and teach children about the consequences of their actions. They know when to be tough and bring discipline in our lives, helping us to develop that backbone that will be needed later in life.

Do you have a good relationship with your father? What impact does he have on your life? Let’s share our stories in the comment section!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Number 3 is really true for me, I don't know what I would do without my father showing me how to believe in myself and stand up for myself..


I never really feel good reading these articles, reminds me of my best friend who grew up without her father.. Sometimes we take our parents for granted and these articles do act as a reminder


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