7 Body Parts That Can Give Away Your Age

3 years ago

The first signs of aging appear in our twenties when crow’s feet start to form around our eyes. Most of us typically focus on taking care of our faces when we try to look younger for longer. But there are other body parts, in addition to the face, that may reveal how old we really are.

We at Bright Side have found that there are head-to-toe signs that can reveal your age, and here are just some of them for you to consider.

1. Elbows

When you become older, the skin around your elbows becomes wrinkly and loose. There are a number of reasons why your smooth elbow skin can become dry and flaky. For example, constant friction from rubbing against clothes and your desk adds to the skin’s dryness and makes it saggy over time. Any drastic weight loss can also loosen your elbow skin.

2. Hands

Hands are typically one of the first body parts to show any signs of aging. As your skin ages, it loses collagen, and it’s harder to keep moisture in. This can make the skin on your hands dry and itchy. Veins also become more visible with age because your hands lose soft tissue.

3. Nails

Nails are a barometer of your overall health, and they reflect the changes that occur in your body over time. As you get older, your nail growth slightly slows, and your nails may also become more brittle and prone to breaking.

4. Neck

One of the most common signs of an aging neck is the appearance of vertical muscle bands. Another sign that your neck skin is aging is brown spots. These may develop as a result of sun damage, genetic factors, or other health issues like obesity.

5. Chest

Deep necklines leave your chest skin exposed and more prone to sun damage. You may have had freckles on your chest area when you were younger, but they’ve likely become larger and darker as you’ve gotten older, resulting in brown spots. Another sign of aging chest skin is redness and dilated blood vessels. They’re most often caused by damage from UV rays.

6. Lips

Similar to the skin around the eyes, the lips are much more delicate than other parts of the body. Lips can also develop wrinkles, and some habits, like smoking or pursing them, can contribute to premature fine lines around your lips. Dehydrated lips are also more prone to cracks and can even sometimes lose their natural color.

7. Hair

As we become older, our hair not only loses its color but also its volume. When we age, blood flow in the scalp and around the hair follicles decreases. The hair receives less oxygen and vitamins needed for growth. As a result, the hair starts to lose its thickness.

What else could you add to this list? Do you have any tips on how to keep your body younger for longer?

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