7 Enigmatic Photos That Hide Exciting Stories Behind Them

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Come closer, there are some amusing pictures for you that hide more than just a moment. Some of life’s situations just needed to be revealed. In this article, you can find pictures that have an interesting story behind them.

We at Bright Side love enigmas and new stories. Here you can find 7 photos that hide a small secret.

1. Tonya Harding and the broken lace

Tonya Harding is a former well-known American figure skater and retired boxer. Her career was scandalous. In the middle of her free skate routine at the Winter Olympics in 1994, she stopped and began to cry. The moment that you see in pictures was her telling the judges that her laces had broken and the replacements were too short.

2. Golfers ignoring an erupting volcano

In 2018, the Kilauea Volcano started to erupt. Photographer Mario Tama heard that a golf course had a good viewpoint. It was such a big surprise to him how unfazed the golfers were, but to people who live in Hawaii, these events are a part of life.

3. A supposed special Unicode text

man who was traveling by plane noticed a passenger nearby who was reading a newspaper. The most curious thing about it was the text after the title wasn’t legible. Along with the picture, he wrote, “What is going on with this newspaper page a man was reading on my flight?”

He posted this picture on Reddit and one of the users commented that it looked like an advertisement for an industrial art exhibit called “Open Codes Living in Digital Worlds”.

4. Secret subway ride

This was a special project for Redbook magazine about “the real Marilyn Monroe.” For one week, photographer Ed Feingersh followed Monroe through her daily routine everywhere in New York, taking photos the whole time. It was a story of the real person, not just an image of a “beautiful blonde”.

5. An endless line in McDonald’s

No, it’s not an Apple store during the release of a new iPhone. There’s no sale. It’s the economic crisis in Moscow in 1990. The public came to taste something new during the opening of the first McDonald’s.

It became a real sensation for the USSR! To get inside Mcdonald’s it was necessary to stand for several hours in line. On opening day, 30,000 visitors came to the restaurant. It was a record for the McDonald’s franchise!

6. The Oscar fall

It was the 85th Annual Academy Awards and actress Jennifer Lawrence got an Oscar just after tripping on the stairs leading to the stage. After some time in an interview, she opened up about the reason why it happened: “I kept thinking, cakewalk, cakewalk, cakewalk.”

But then she thought about why “cakewalk” had just stuck in her head and while walking up the stairs the fabric from the dress tucked under her feet. At this moment she realized her stylist had told her “kick, walk, kick, walk.”

7. Salvador Dalí and the 3 flying cats

American photographer Philippe Halsman met surrealist artist Salvador Dalí in New York City in 1941 and they started to collaborate. Later they came up with an idea to make a picture on a base with the work, Leda Atomica.

Halsman said that it took 28 attempts to succeed and be satisfied with the result. The picture was called Dali Atomicus and became an early example of the practice Halsman called, “jumpology”.

Which photo did you like the most? Do you have a picture of your own that holds a small secret? Please, share your stories with us below!


No 6 - It's Edward VIII, not Edward III. The link is good, just the text that is wrong.

I know it's confusing, but Edward III lived 1312 – 1377.
#6 - I love the story behind this picture. This is what I call a MAN, who had the courage to decide against the throne for the love of a woman. He understood that he only had one life and that it was more important to be happy in life than to sit on that throne.

My deep respect for that....

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