7 Reasons Why We Look Younger Than Our Parents at the Same Age

2 years ago

Look at your graduation album and the photos of your parents when they were high-school students. Why do they look adult and serious at that age, while you still look young and fresh? There are a bunch of logical explanations for this and it’s true that humankind really looks younger year-by-year.

Bright Side became interested in the differences in the looks between generations and decided to figure out why today’s 25-year-olds look much younger than their parents at the same age.

Biological aging slows down.

“I found a picture of me & my mom at the same age.”

It’s not only the concept of aging that has changed: 150-200 years ago a 50-year-old person was considered old and today they are called middle-aged. Have you noticed that some people already have gray hair and little wrinkles around the age of 30, while others still look like school kids at the same age? It’s all because every person has their own biological clock, that rarely coincides with their real age. American researchers have come to the conclusion that biological aging in recent years has been happening more slowly, which is why subsequent generations stay younger looking longer.

Women give birth to kids at a later age, that’s why they look young.

“From left to right: my grandma, my mom, and me, all around the same age.”

The results of recent studies prove that after giving birth to a baby, women really start to age faster. The reason is not only due to a constant feeling of tiredness and stress, which always accompanies the first months of caring for a child, as well as caring for their future. It turns out that after birth, changes in a woman’s body happen at the cellular level.

Today women are more ambitious. They try to dedicate more time to their career or business and only after that do they create a family. That’s why external signs of aging appear much later.

The level of dental care has improved.

There is a direct connection between the condition of our teeth and the oval of our face. Our cheeks and lips lean on our teeth and jaws, that’s why the absence of teeth or damaged teeth literally spoils the face oval. Of course, our cheeks become saggy with age and our lips become thinner — these are natural changes that only plastic surgery can change. At the same time, a simple malocclusion can make it look much worse. That’s why regular visits to the dentist really help us to maintain a beautiful face shape for longer.

Today’s level of dentistry allows you to fix any shortcomings that our parents had to put up with. In addition, the results of dental work lasts much longer now because medicine has become better, and specialists have become more educated.

Cosmetics with SPF have appeared.

The quality and choice of cosmetics change every year, while proper and regular skincare is becoming an everyday routine for most women. At the same time, sun protection filters are not only present in sunscreen oils, but “SPF” can now be seen in moisturizing creams, makeup bases, and even makeup powders. Since staying protected from the bright sun rays extends the youth of the skin, the appearance of modern women also stays fresh and younger looking for a longer period of time.

We have more opportunities to have fun.

Just like laughs, positive emotions really prolong our life and even help us to cope with illnesses. Moreover, people with a positive outlook are less prone to stress, which, like any other illness, makes us age and adds more wrinkles.

Today’s youth has a huge amount of sources for joy, like traveling around the world, doing a job they like (and not what they just managed to get), realizing their creative potential, communicating and making friends with people from different corners of the planet. Now there are many more ways to spend free time — it’s not just about walking and dancing but also kart racing, quest games, and even hot air ballooning. New generations seek to know the world and rejoice, which means they retain the sharpness and clarity of their minds for longer. This reflects in their appearance as well.

Young people choose professions that have nothing to do with hard physical labor.

Young people start to think about their future profession while still in school. They understand that only a demanded specialty can provide a comfortable standard of living. In addition, young people care about their health, which is why they don’t want to do work that might damage their health. That’s the reason we keep seeing more specialists in IT, marketing, and finance. These professions are always in demand and have high pay.

They also require constant mental stress and development, which, in turn, helps to maintain a healthy and active brain. Since office-oriented professions exclude hard physical work and harmful working conditions, this type of work does much less damage to our bodies.

The level of responsibility has decreased.

Despite the fact that young people understand the importance of choosing the right profession and career advancement, they become independent much later. If our parents and grandparents had to take care of themselves from a younger age, the following generations stay under the care of their older relatives for much longer.

All of this happens because today’s youth doesn’t plan their life in advance and continues to stay immature even after 20. Young girls and boys only want to do things that they like and they don’t worry about the possible consequences. For example, it’s totally normal for a modern young man to be taking money from his parents while he is in search of work or is trying to develop his own business. Young men know that they always have a reliable back-up and that’s why they are less prone to worries and depression that is connected with responsibility for the family and financial issues.

Have you noticed this connection between age and appearance in your relatives? How do you think today’s 30-year-old will look in 30 more years? We would be glad to read your opinion in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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