7 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a White Tattoo

3 years ago

White ink tattoos became a new trend. But this form of body-art is much more delicate compared to black ink tattoos. Before you get one, it’s better to know some facts and be sure that it will totally match your expectations in the future.

We at Bright Side are in awe when it comes to this delicate and elegant art, and we would love to share with you some things that can protect you from disappointment after getting a white ink tattoo.

1. Go to experienced artists only.

Yes, this applies to all tattoos. But white ink tattoos are much more challenging to do correctly. Due to the dilution of most white inks, it takes some time and skill to create a tattoo exactly as the client wants. Additionally, it’s much harder to see the white ink compared to the black ink while applying it to the skin.

You shouldn’t let anyone do this to your body if it’s their first time, even if they’re experienced in regular tattoos. Be careful with this. A good artist will be able to recommend what kind of tattoo will fit you best.

2. White tattoos don’t look good on every skin color.

It’s a brilliant option for people with lighter skin and you can easily hide it with makeup in certain situations. But still, skin color is the determining factor in how visible your tattoo will turn out. If your skin is too pale, there’s a chance your body art won’t turn out all that impressive.

3. White tattoos require a special design.

White ink should complement your tattoo idea because not all designs can be executed using this color. Moreover, the more simple the idea, the more likely it’s going to look brilliant. Complicated portraits aren’t such a great idea for white ink. Don’t hesitate to ask the opinion of your tattoo artist or even several artists.

4. White tattoos don’t usually pass the test of time.

All tattoos fade, and after a certain number of years, they don’t look the same. And white ink tends to change its color faster than other ink as a tattoo ages. So there’s a huge possibility that you’ll have to retouch your tattoo more often than if it were black.

5. White tattoos can raise the skin’s surface.

White tattoos tend to make your skin swell a little more than tattoos of other colors. This happens because the ink is placed close to the skin’s surface just to make the color more visible. That’s why it’s important to consider the right design. Your tattoo artist should be able to give you advice on this.

6. White ink works better for highlighting rather than outlining.

Usually, white ink is used to highlight other tattoos because it can help provide a more interesting shape. It also looks impressive in contrast with black ink. You can see the examples above. So, it makes sense to add that white ink to other designs to bring dimension to other colors.

7. You can prevent your tattoo from fading prematurely.

Since white ink tattoos are more sensitive, special care is needed to prevent them from fading fast. Here are some tips that you can use:

  1. Apply just small amounts of lotion and cream after washing your tattoo. Don’t apply a new layer over an older one without washing it first because it can cause tattoo bubbling.
  2. White ink tattoos tend to scab much more while healing compared to regular tattoos. You shouldn’t pull off the pieces of flaking skin. It’s better to wait for them to fall off on their own.

  3. Protect your tattoo from the sun for a whole year. For this purpose, you can use special SPF creams.

Would you like to try a white tattoo or do you prefer regular ones? Do you have any design ideas for your future tattoo? Please, share them with us!


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