8 Beauty Products We’re Using Completely Wrong

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4 years ago

This has probably happened to you: some overhyped beauty product made your skin feel like the Sahara desert, and a so-called “moisturizing” face mask made it feel even drier than before. But it doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of every beauty product you have. Maybe all you have to do is change the way you use some of the products.

Bright Side is eager to tell you about the most popular beauty mistakes you might be making.

1. You use wipes to remove makeup every day.

Is there anything more convenient? You wipe makeup off and forget about it. But you can’t use wipes all the time: they don’t cleanse the skin well enough. More than that, they’re made of a rough material that causes irritation and dries and stretches the skin. You should only use them when you don’t have access to water and a good cleanser. But for everyday care, you should use special foaming cleansers and gels.

2. You think that serums can be used on their own.

Serums should be applied before using a moisturizing cream. And it’s better to do it in the evening, especially if the serum contains retinol. This will allow the skin to fully absorb the necessary nutrients. A face mask will make it even more effective. In the summer, retinol-rich products can only be used together with sunscreen because they make the skin too sensitive to sunlight which can provoke sunburns.

3. You use dry sponges after putting foundation on.

Most sponges, especially popular beauty blenders, need to be wet. When they are dry, they “eat” too much of the beauty product and don’t spread it evenly.

4. You don’t know the difference between concealer and corrector.

Many of us confuse these 2 beauty products, so let’s make it clear: a concealer should only be used in the area near the eyes, and a corrector is used to hide defects of the skin on the face. There are little nuances you should know when using either of them. When using a concealer, you should moisturize the skin in advance. A corrector should be applied with massaging movements — this way it will look more natural on the face.

5. You use gels and foaming cleansers only to wash off makeup.

Cleansers are much more useful if they’re not only used for removing makeup in the evening but also in the morning. This way, you can remove the sebum, the dead skin cells, and all the dirt and sweat that are on your skin at night. Also, it’s best if you give up on using scrubs and use cleansers with acids because aggressive cleansing is not necessarily better than no cleanser at all.

6. You keep a mask on overnight or remove it only after it dries completely.

Every type of facial mask should be used according to the directions. Don’t leave the mask on your face overnight unless the manufacturer says so — this can lead to serious skin problems. Fabric face masks should be removed before they dry: if you don’t do this, the mask will start to suck the moisture from the skin which makes the skin drier. The same goes for clay face maks — they should be applied in a thick layer in order for the moisture to evaporate slower. Remove them while they are still sticky.

7. You rub the face with lotion that contains alcohol.

Different face lotions have different effects. Of course, their ingredients are different depending on the function of the product. However, most lotions contain alcohol and if you use them often enough, the skin starts to produce even more sebum as a response to aggressive chemicals. Also, lotions should not be applied to the entire face, but instead, specific areas.

8. You don’t wash off micellar water.

Micellar water is a lot like lotion, the only difference being that it doesn’t contain alcohol. It contains other active ingredients (micelles) and all the dirt they collect will remain on the face unless you wash it with water. Long-term contact of micellar water with the skin will make the water work like soap. This will lead to irritation.

We hope that our tips will help you glow in any situation and use your beauty products more wisely. What makeup and skin care mistakes have you or someone you know made? Share your valuable experience in the comments!

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Applying make up with wet sponges is called "wet techique".
You can also make your eye shadows brushes wet before applying eye shadowon your eyes, It will give brighter effect and will last longer
Agree about serums. Though, they can be used alone to moisturize the skin before applying make up.
Or they can be a perfect [roduct for the summer. Vreams are a bit too heave and will make your face greasy.
I love serums :)

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