8 Discounted Items That Will Transform Your Home Beyond Recognition

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When you’re looking to complete some redecorating at your place but have put it off for too long, you need to tap into the “fresh start effect.” That means if you begin something new at the start of the year, the first of the month, or even the start of the week, you’re more likely to accomplish it. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

We’ll lend you a helping hand with a selection of cool products that can speed up this process.

1. This cover will easily make your tired old chair as good as new!

This 2 piece wing chair slipcover is one-size-fits-most. The seat cushion is covered separately, so you can tuck the extra fabric under it. The material consists of 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

Promising review:

Genuinely SO impressed with it! Really soft and stretchy, it has given a new lease on life to my chair and added a pop of color to the living room for a great price. Worth spending the time tucking it all in to get it looking good, and I recommend using the hook of a hanger to tuck it in to ensure a tight fit. Absolutely love it! — A. Pettit

2. If you want your space to look Pinterest-worthy, hurry up and grab these collapsible fabric storage boxes while they are still in stock!

These beautifully designed square cubes fit most modular cube shelving systems. The cube’s dimensions are 26.7 cm x 26.7 cm x 27.9 cm (10.5″ x 10.5″ x 11″). They are made of durable, non-woven, breathable material.

Promising review:

I love them. I will definitely be buying more. They are very good quality and fit perfectly on my shelves, I managed to organize most of my shoes into them, and they fit around 4 pairs of shoes. They are just so nice and excellent quality. — Paula Mulholland (popz)

3. Put these well-made water- and UV-resistant art pieces on your walls and enjoy bright colors and stunning concepts that will refresh your room in an instant.

The set consists of 4 panels. Each canvas panel is stretched on solid wooden frames. The size of the item is 30×30 centimeters (12×12 inches).

Hooks and accessories are included. The variety of designs is impressive. Choose your perfect set!

Promising review:

Really nice set of prints, good quality, and nice colors. — Mrs A E Mclaren

4. These smart LED panels create quite an atmosphere with all the juicy color options.

You can control this lighting through touch, voice assistants, manually, and more. The rhythm technology can transform your favorite music into color dancing. With the screen mirror feature, you will be able to see your on-screen activity reflected in your lights. The installation is drill-free.

Promising review:

I’ve had a lot of sound-reactive lighting over the years, and it has consistently been terrible, and I had very low expectations for it here too — but I have been surprised in a good way! The app also has a good library of color and effect presets. But, even so, these are still very expensive for what they are. — Thomas Palmer

5. Check out this square light kit that has endless possibilities for hypnotic-looking illuminations!

These light panels will respond dynamically to your touch or your on-screen activity. Warning: decorating with this product can be addictive, according to reviewers — your wall will slowly get filled while your wallet empties.

Promising review:

Great once you get them set up, but the setup is a bit of a nightmare! Really bright and has loads of different choices with the app. We love ours! — TopCat

6. Give your bed a luxurious look with this gorgeous, embroidered bedding set.

This set comes in different sizes, colors, and combinations. The material is durable, breathable, and soft as a feather. 100% polyester microfiber. It can be machine washed and tumble-dried.

Promising review:

Value for the money, for sure. I love this bed set. The fabric is soft and comfortable to sleep in.
Easy to iron as well, but use low heat and don’t press too hard on the patterned areas as it’s like an embossed design and will flatten out. I softly ironed those areas by going over them lightly with the iron without pressing or using steam. — Roxana

7. The softest, fluffiest rug ever will make your room so much cozier.

The product contains upgraded sponge interlayers for extra softness. It is easy to clean — you can handwash it or machine wash it on a delicate wash cycle. Then you’ll need to shake it while it is still wet and brush it when it dries. And it gets all fluffed up like it’s brand new.

Promising review:

The non-slip backing is perfect for wooden floors and the rug doesn’t move. It’s thin enough for a door to go over it, but it feels much thicker to the touch than it is. I recommend this. — Billy Peoples

8. Take a look at these water-repellent covers that will make any sofa look neat again.

The slipcovers are available in 4 lengths: chair cover 1-seater (76.2–119.4 cm/30—47″), loveseat cover 2-seater (142.3–177.8 cm/56-70″), sofa cover 3-seater (180.3–233.7 cm/71—92″), extra-large sofa cover 4-seater (236.2–292.1 cm/93—115″). You need to measure your sofa’s length from arm to arm to pick the perfect size. The cover is crafted from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Promising review:

I put this on instantly. Keep in mind the tag on the back. Use the foam to push into the seat cushion crevices, and presto! Feels nice on my skin and looks so much nicer than my old sofa.
Stretchy with a bit of room. My sofa is very heavy with huge, firm cushions and wooden feet. I did not expect such an excellent fit. No holes, nicely stitched, constant color with no faded patches. — Mlou

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