8 Terribly Easy Home Exercises to Build Arm Muscles

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Having a gym membership isn’t always cheap or affordable for many of us out there. But, we do have a need to exercise even if it’s at home without any major equipment. And there is a way to tone your arms without any weights. We prepared some simple exercises that might not make them bigger, but will make them firmer.

1. Wall push-ups

In order to do this exercise, you just need to find a wall in your house or even outside. You need to stand 23 steps away from the wall and lean the front of your body on it. Then, you just do push-ups the same way you would do them on the floor. If you want to increase the level of difficulty, you can keep one arm behind your back and do the push-ups using only one arm.

2. Inchworm

This is another variation of a push-up that gets your entire body involved in the exercise. You start by standing up and bringing your arm to your feet. Then, you start walking with your arms toward a regular push-up position.

You can do one push-up and then start walking with your arms back to the standing position. You can do that in sets of 10, or as many as you think you can do.

3. Floor dips

A fairly easy exercise is to sit with your legs bent in front of you and your arms behind you with your elbows slightly bent. You use your arms to help lift your hips and then bring them back down, close to the floor. You don’t want your hips touching the floor. The whole point is to use the power of your arms to control your body.

4. Plank up-downs

Here’s another plank exercise that’ll help get your muscles moving. You just take the usual plank position and start by bringing each elbow to touch the floor. You don’t need to stay there — you just extend your arms back up and repeat the exercise.

5. Arm circles

It might sound very simple and boring, but in reality, with this exercise, you can slim down your entire arms. You just stand upright and extend your arms to your sides. You start moving them forward in circular movements and then change the movement to backward. You can continue to do this for 30 seconds, take a small break and repeat a few more times.

6. Wall angels

In this exercise, you need to stand with your back leaning against the wall, while your knees are slightly bent. First, bend your arms and raise them up next to your head and then start extending them over your head. You can repeat this as many times as you want and can. It might sound silly, but this small movement can help your entire body stay in motion.

7. Plank shoulder tap

After you finish your plank up-downs, you can do this variation that’ll take you back to the same plank position. One after the other, you start to tap your shoulders with the opposite hand. Your glutes and abs need to stay firm at all times, so you won’t compromise your posture. You should keep doing this exercise for as long as you can.

8. Decline push-ups

This type of push-up is a bit more demanding than the regular variation, and all you will need is a chair or stool you might have at home. Your feet need to be on the chair while your arms will be on the floor. While you do the push-ups, your entire core, legs, and arms will be targeted. Make sure to fully extend your arms every time you push yourself up.

Bonus: Can you work all your muscles without equipment?

Let’s make one thing clear: if your goal is to build big muscles and not just tone them, working without weights might not be ideal for you. The exercises shown above will help you build some volume in the beginning but will only get you so far.

Heavier weights and other machines will be necessary if you want to increase the volume of your muscles. Not only that, but as you progress, these exercises will be too easy for you, and you will need to add more repetitions to keep yourself engaged.

So, the gym isn’t the only place to sculpt your body, since there are countless of exercises that can help you achieve that from your own home. And you can utilize anything in our house as a prop, from chairs, to even your backpack. You will be amazed how your belly fat will start going away with hard work and dedication.


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