8 Loyal Pets Who Saved Their Owners’ Lives

3 years ago

Psychologists and biologists are sure that our pets help us to live longer and be healthier overall. But some pets are not like the others: they’re quick thinking, brave, ever-loving, 4-legged and furry! They help us through so much and can even save their owners’ lives.

Here at Bright Side, we have collected the most outstanding and heartwarming stories of pets and their owners and are eager to share them with you.

1. Jorge and Chiquita

One seemingly average day in Costa Rica, drivers on the main street were stopped by a small dog running toward them in a stream of traffic. That little dog barked and squealed, trying to grab anybody’s attention.

Once some of the drivers had followed the dog, it brought them to a man on a curb who had fainted half an hour earlier — it was her owner, Jorge. Being a man with an under-average income he was dressed poorly and no one on the street had stopped to help him, assuming he was a drunk. Once people realized that he was unconscious for something other than alcohol abuse, they called an ambulance.

This little dog, named Chiquita, traveled with her owner to the hospital, not wanting to leave his side for even a second. Because of her, Jorge received medical treatment on time and not only survived the incident but almost fully recovered.

They may not have much money, but they surely have each other.

2. DBoy taking a bullet

Some people perceive pit bulls to be dangerous animals but nothing could be more wrong in the case of this pit bull boy and his owner, Roberta Trawick.

They both were victims of a home invasion. One day, Roberta was sitting down in her living room when an unknown man ran through the front door and pointed a gun at her, telling her to not move, otherwise, he’d shoot. That exact moment, her dog, Dboy had darted from the other room, ready to attack the shooter. Startled, the man shot Dboy in his head once and when it didn’t spot the pit bull, he shot the dog twice more. Then he proceeded to run away from the house. That day, DBoy saved the lives and home of his owners.

Luckily, DBoy made it through surgery and has fully recovered.

3. Hannah and Willie

Megan Howard, the owner of a little green parrot named Willie and a nanny to a then, 3-year-old Hannah, was having a regular day at home. She baked a pie, put it down on a table and went to the bathroom from when she suddenly heard Willie yelling, “Mom, baby! Mom, baby!”

She rushed to the kitchen to find a bite taken out of the pie and Hannah on the floor turning blue. She performed the Heimlich maneuver on Hannah and saved her life.

4. Wunsy the savior

Do you often take your pet out for a walk in the nearby park? The same thing was a regular routine for the 25-year-old owner of the majestic African Gray Parrot, Wunsy. He would usually fly right next to his owner and enjoy the freedom. However, this particular Friday, their joyous walk was interrupted. As they were leaving the park, an unknown man attacked the young lady, grabbed her by the shoulders and dropped her to the pavement. Seeing that, the parrot rushed to her rescue — it squawked and started to flap his big wings. The attacker got startled, left the woman alone and fled the scene. The parrot and its owner remained unharmed after the assault and the police were soon notified about the incident.

5. Sky, the dog who fought off sharks

In this story, we are traveling to Australia, where a boat captain, Franz Van Derpoll, was diving and fishing for his dinner when 2 sharks started circling around him. His four-legged companion, Sky, that also stood on the boat, saw her owner in danger an leaped into shark-infested waters in an attempt to fight for her owner’s life.

Sadly, this heroic move cost Sky her life. The loss was really hard on Van Derpoll, whose daughter later commented on this situation. She said, “Dad may have rescued her, but I feel she is the one that rescued him too.”

6. Tara the hero cat

This story went viral on YouTube after a father of a young toddler, Roger Triantafilo shared the following video. It has gotten over 20 million views on the video platform. This video features his cat, Tara, guarding his house better than any dog. You’ll see here, how this heroic feline is chasing away dogs that had viciously attacked her little human.

In her honor, June 3rd was named, “Tara The Hero Cat Day” in the family’s hometown in California.

7. Ace the firefighter

Another heroic pit bull lives in Indianapolis. His owner, 13-year-old Nick Lamb is legally deaf. He was home alone when the house caught on fire and the smoke started rapidly filling the air. Not wearing his hearing aid, the teenager had no way of noticing the flames. His dog Ace, however, was quick to react — he ran into his owner’s room, waking the boy up. Nick then smelled the smoke, which at that point had already begun filling up his room. Luckily, Ace woke him up just in time to escape the house.

8. The guiding Monty

64 years old at the time, Ian Thomas had been through a lot in his life — but in 2011 the biggest mishap had occurred. He probably wouldn’t have survived it if not for his faithful German schnauzer, Monty. Mr. Thomas was struck with a lightning bolt, knocking him unconscious 100 yards away from home. Monty, the then 5-year-old pup, was also struck but proceeded to lick his owner’s face and then, once Ian had the strength to wrap his hands around the dog’s neck, dragged him home.
Mrs. Thomas, upon seeing them, took her husband to the hospital right away.

Which one of these stories made you look at your pet in a whole new light? Maybe we didn’t include a story that you would like to share. Be sure to put your opinions and your own stories in the comment section below!


The story about the puppy and the sharks was just heartbreaking! Animals are just the best. Am I right?

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