8 Possible Reasons Why Some People Live Very Long, and It’s Not All About Genes

2 years ago

Unfortunately, the Fountain of Youth does not exist, nor does anything that guarantees us a longer life. However, some people have achieved this great feat, and it’s no thanks to extraordinary measures. It’s actually a combination of a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle — and a little help from genetics.

Bright Side is excited to share the not-that-secret secrets to living a longer life and to show you that it’s possible and quite easy to achieve.

1. The right genes, a happy lifestyle, and a bit of mathematics

According to scientists, centenarians have one thing in common: their lifestyle consists of strong friendships, family bonds, exercise, and coping well with stress. The oldest living centenarian is 118-year-old Kane Tanaka, who is crediting her longevity to her faith, family, sleep, hope, eating good food, and practicing mathematics. It’s also believed that siblings and children of long-living people have a bigger chance of remaining healthy and having an increased lifespan.

2. Having a younger mother

Having a younger mother could increase your chance of living longer than others. The research suggests that women who gave birth at the age of 25 or younger increase their kids’ longevity. The exact reasons for that are not known yet, but the research suggests that the eggs of the mother play a role.

3. Having strong friendships

This study claims that isolation and loneliness can be just as threatening to our lives as obesity, and even more so. Younger generations will be the most affected by this, despite living in a time when connections can be made even easier. According to Dr. Timothy Smith, co-author of the study, loneliness is as dangerous to us as smoking and drinking.

4. Drinking a lot of tea

“Blue Zones” is a study/project by National Geographic that explores the lifestyle of communities with the most centenarians in the world. But the thing that seemed to stand out the most was drinking tea. Green tea, in particular, is considered the best kind because it has positive effects on our health.

5. Being physically stronger

study in Sweden showed that people who are not physically strong are at a bigger risk of health and mental health problems. While those whose muscular strength was above average had a 20%-35% chance of living longer. They were also less likely to suffer from mental illnesses.

6. Eating more nuts

Nuts are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. And there’s another study that suggests people who consumed at least 3 servings of nuts per week had a 39% lower risk of premature mortality.

7. Being happy

study suggests that life satisfaction, optimism, and positive emotions can not only be good for our health but can increase our longevity as well. More research suggests that happier people may live up to 18% longer than those who aren’t happy. Kane Tanaka is a prime example of what a good, happy life can do for your longevity.

8. Being more disciplined and organized

Being organized, disciplined, efficient, and goal-oriented doesn’t only benefit our professional and personal lives, but it can benefit our lifespan as well. A study that followed boys and girls into old age showed that those who were organized and disciplined lived 11% longer than those who didn’t share these traits.

Do you know any people who’ve reached very old age? And have you asked them what their secret to living a long life is?


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