8 Stories That Remind Us That True Love Does Exist

5 years ago

Sometimes after a breakup or just in the middle of a poorly held up relationship you might need a reminder that true love exists. Just remember, there are people who’ve loved each other for nearly 70 years and there are those who are patient enough to wait for almost 3 years while slowly putting together a marriage proposal.

We at Bright Side found some of the most touching stories about love that will help you feel warmer on these cold fall days.

1. The story of a man who lost his wife to cancer

Ben Nunery’s wife Ali died of lung cancer back in 2011, leaving him to lovingly care for their tiny daughter Olivia. After 2 years of not having their beautiful mother and wife around, Ben and Olivia recreated his and Ali’s wedding photos.

Of course, they chose the best photographer to commemorate their love for Ali, her sister Melanie Tracy Pace. Now, these photos are a true reminder of the everlasting love of this family.

2. The story of 14 letters

Timothy Chee had a wonderful fantasy, which his now-wife Candice Catherine loves dearly. A week after they started dating, Tim began to write her cute, seemingly simple love letters. However, there was a catch, all 14 letters he wrote her over a span of 3 years had a hidden message inside.

The first letters of each letter combined spelled out the phrase, “Will you marry me?” Candice couldn’t believe how inventive her then-boyfriend was and immediately said yes.

3. The story of a man forever carrying his prom picture

Arthur never stops carrying a photo of him and his now-wife Jane at their prom back in 1949. They stayed together through all these years, not a second apart, loving each other and all of their family.

4. The story of John Krasinski flying all over the world for his wife

Everybody knows the famous couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. However, what most people don’t realize is how dedicated they are to each other. John loves his wife and children so much that he flew over 6000 miles every weekend just to spend some time with them while they were separated by the filming of Jack Ryan.

No wonder he did that, after all, they literally proved that love at first sight exists.

5. The story of a long distance relationship

This couple has just had their 21st anniversary, but a while ago, nobody would’ve believed they would stay together for so long. For some time, they had to be in a long distance relationship. While she was still in China, he already moved to the USA, and for almost 5 years the only thing they had were these letters.

6. The story of the Rock loving his wife and daughters

This Mother’s Day Dwayne Johnson congratulated his wife Lauren and their adorable children Jasmine Lia and Tiana Gia in the most special way, letting us in on the intimacy of their life with a small recap of it.

The Rock shared how much he adores his family for the little things they do and how in love he is with his wife for choosing him, calling her his Queen. If you want to shed some happy tears, read his full post here.

7. The story of John Legend’s All Of Me

Usually, people think that all these love songs on the radio are not dedicated to one special person in the singer’s life. However, for John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen it’s different. One of the most popular songs of all time, All Of Me, was written by John specifically for his wife.

8. The story of 68 years of love

Donald and Ollie King have been married for 68 years — if true love doesn’t exist, then how did they tolerate each other for more than half a century? They haven’t spent more than a day apart — and Donald says he’s truly blessed to have been with his wife for such a long and sweet time.

If you have any other touching stories about true love, please share them in the comments below.


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