8 Things That Are Worth Buying, Even If You Live Paycheck to Paycheck

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3 years ago

The ability to pass on a purchase you don’t need seems like a great skill since it can save you money. But you shouldn’t skimp on everything. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have to pay for the same product again, and at worst, you’ll damage your health in the process.

We at Bright Side vote for conscious consumption, so we’ve made a list of things we shouldn’t skimp on.

8. A water filter

Drinking non-filtered water can endanger your health. Of course, you can buy water in the supermarket, but it’s pretty expensive. And that’s also bad for the environment because you’ll acquire new plastic bags every time.

So, the best choice is to buy a filter. It’s better to do your research before buying a filter since there are so many different kinds to choose from. And while a good filtering system can cost a lot, it’s worth it.

7. Shoes for sports

If you do a lot of sports (like go to the gym or run in the mornings), you need special shoes. They will allow you to prevent possible injuries that are easy to get. Good shoes will have a great impact on your health in the long term. Sneakers for runners, for example, absorb some of the load, helping your joints stay healthy.

Such shoes don’t necessarily cost a fortune. You can find some from older collections, which gives you a chance to buy great shoes at a good price.

6. Suitcases

The cheaper the suitcase is, the more likely it’s made of materials that will break or tear after 2-3 trips. Most of the time, suitcases break when they’re loaded onto planes. Your things might get damaged or even lost.

Aluminum is the best material when it comes to a suitcase because it won’t be really heavy, but it’s still pretty strong. Also, pay attention to the wheels and the handles. The bigger the wheels of the suitcase, the more comfortable it will be to transport, especially on the streets of older cities. Plus, the handles should be very strong and comfortable.

5. Dishes

When buying dishes, you should pay attention to 2 things: the material and the heat conductivity. Some materials, such as aluminum, copper, steel, and iron, can have a chemical reaction with the food you’re cooking, changing its taste, color, and smell. Other materials (like ceramics and stainless steel) can’t have any reactions with food. And the heat conductivity depends on the material: copper is a great conductor, just like aluminum and stainless steel.

These and many other factors influence the final cost of the dishes. When you buy something cheap, don’t expect any wonders — it likely won’t do much good for your cooking masterpieces.

4. Protective sports equipment

If you ride a bike or roller skates in the city, you should wear protective gear. Choosing something expensive is not necessary, as more expensive equipment is usually made of better materials with less weight, better ventilation, and stuff like that.

No matter what you choose, it’s better to wear at least some protective equipment because it’s an investment in your own health.

3. A child safety seat

It’s not always about expensive child seats not being worth the money, but think about it — when you buy an expensive seat, you are taking care of your child’s health. Nobody is safe from car accidents, so it’s better to buy a model that you’re confident in.

Besides, expensive chairs are usually transformers: they can be used for babies and older children. This way, you won’t have to buy a new model every year.

2. Pet food

Most people buy cat and dog food at the supermarket at quite cheap prices. Unfortunately, such pet food doesn’t contain the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to be healthy. A pet that eats cheap food is very likely to get ill and pass away sooner.

Just imagine if you ate junk food for years at a time — what would happen to your body?

1. Toilet paper

The people that really care about hygiene and comfort prefer wet toilet paper. Aside from the fact that such toilet paper can do the job better, it can also disinfect the skin. This way, you will feel clean and fresh all the time.

You can do an experiment: Pour some melted chocolate on the floor and wipe it with toilet paper. And then, do the same thing with wet toilet paper. The difference is obvious.

What are you always eager to spend your money on?


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I'm not sure I have ever seen something like wet toilet paper 🤔


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