8 Tricks to Keep Your Home Smart Without Gadgets

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2 years ago

When your big bowl of pasta accidentally falls over onto your carpet, you need some special tricks to get rid of the stains it leaves behind, especially if you don’t have a special vacuum cleaner. Your home can get easily smarter with the power of tested tricks, and you may save some money.

We at Bright Side know some effective tips that may help you in daily life and we want to share them with you.

1. Use a dishwasher tablet to clean a toilet bowl from stains.

Dishwasher tablets are made to tackle hard water and remove stains. Obviously, it can help to clean other things, like a toilet tank as well. Yellow and brown rings in your toilet can be easily removed.

You can throw a tablet into a bowl and leave it for a night or scrub the rings with the tablet. Just don’t forget to put on gloves.

2. Use some soap to condition your toilet bowl.

There’s no need to buy special fresheners for your toilet bowl. Put the soap in some mesh and secure it under the rim of the toilet. Also, you can add a fabric softener to the tank. The detergent will sink to the bottom and remain in the tank, and the bathroom will smell amazing.

3. Use a wrap for a clogged toilet.

If your toilet bowl is completely clogged, try this trick. Cover the toilet bowl tightly with plastic wrap, so no air can get inside. Then flush. When the wrap starts raising upward, push it down.

4. Use nail polish to prevent stains from metal packaging.

If you leave any metal bottles on your sink, you probably have noticed that they leave stains if the surface is wet. You can easily solve this problem by making a coating on the bottle’s bottom with nail polish, as it’s shown in the picture.

5. Adjust the top of a plastic bottle to a pack of washing powder.

For a more comfortable use of washing powder, you can use a plastic bottle, for example. Cut the top of the bottle as it’s shown in the picture and stick it to the washing powder with glue.

6. Reuse coffee capsules.

One more great idea is to reuse coffee pods that you’ve already gone through. Put the coffee grounds that you like inside of a capsule and cover it with a piece of foil.

7. Use hairspray for flowers.

It’s sad when a fresh bouquet of flowers fades quickly. To make your flowers appear fresh for longer, spray them with normal hairspray.

8. Use shaving foam to clean carpets.

If you have trouble cleaning carpet, there is an easy solution. White shaving cream is safe to use on carpets because it contains no dyes. Just apply it to your carpet, wait a bit, and then remove it. You can also try this trick with your furniture.

Which trick did you like the most? What hacks for your home do you use?

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