8 Unique & Practical Items That Will Spruce Your Place Right Up

11 months ago

Artificial intelligence was used to study about 50,000 living rooms across the globe to see how other cultures decorate their homes. Some cultural preferences were expected, but some surprised the researchers. There were a lot of rich colors in India and Morocco. In Europe, North America, and South America, people like to put books on display. Living rooms in Europe (in Italy, especially) were filled with wall art. Interestingly, a lot of indoor plants were found in cold areas, particularly in Scandinavia.

We bet your home designs reflect your taste in the best possible way. And in case you were looking for some new accents, here is our list of bright and original products that can do the trick.

1. This fabulous showerhead looks great and offers good water pressure.

This product saves up to 30% of the water because of the laser-perforated technology. It is very easy to install — you can simply screw it onto any standard shower hose. This shower head has built-in filtration with mineral balls. The LED lights are hydroelectrically powered (no battery needed). The 7 different colors will change automatically.

Promising review:

I wasn’t expecting much from this product, but I have to say I love it! The lights are great and work better, stronger, and brighter with more water pressure. Maybe one downside is just getting used to the angle, which is more than my old shower head, yet functionally, it’s perfect. Even with stronger pressure, the jets are soft on my skin. — Miss L.


Also if you’re looking for some more useful bathroom finds, here they are.

2. A pack of 2 sturdy cardboard storage boxes will make organizing easy. And they are very easy to assemble.

You can keep papers, DVDs, photos, different art materials, and other lightweight stuff in these gorgeous boxes. They come in a bunch of different patterns and colors, so you can find the best set to fit into your interior.

Promising review:

Love it, nice colors, and you can put anything in it. Overall amazing and cute :-) - Sahara Hussein

3. These good-looking satin pillowcases will keep your sleep untroubled and peaceful.

The smooth texture keeps your skin protected. And you can forget about those facial sleep lines! This product reduces hair breakage as well.

Promising review:

Packaged really well, lovely color, soft, and look beautiful on my bed :)! — Cleo Farr


And just in case you were wondering, here are some things that can make it a total nightmare.

4. This retro-looking phone is actually fully compatible with current switchboards. It will definitely bring vintage charm to your home.

It has a redial function and variable ringer options. The classic ringing bell sound can be changed between a high and a low volume.

Promising review:

I am very pleased with the color and retro design. Fits my space well and does not take up a plug socket the way my cordless phone did. As the landline is used infrequently, this was a great solution for my kitchen/diner. — hnaylor


And if you’re more into modern models, here are some you can check out.

5. This duvet set with a lovely penguin pattern is as comfy as it looks. It comes in different colors and washes well.

The set is made of high-quality, breathable polycotton. There are different size options for different beds.

Promising review:

Absolutely delightful duvet cover. Bought as a gift for a penguin fan! Not a luxurious fabric, but washes well, and what it lacks in thread count is more than made up for by the penguin print! For the price, it represents good value. — Susan J O’Neill


In addition to this one, here are even more products that can make your bedroom a dream.

6. Not just a frameless acrylic mirror, but a piece of art! It will look good anywhere you place it and is very suitable for makeup, brushing, and flossing.

It comes with a base made of high-quality composite wood. The surface is made of hardened high-quality acrylic. The image has almost no distortion.

Promising review:

Cute mirror for your bedside table or vanity — lightweight and easy to assemble! Love the aesthetic of it! — Maria

7. Catch a glimpse of these Himalayan crystal rock salt candle holders. Every piece is uniquely shaped. So stylish!

Each one has a rough finish, they look just like how they came out of the ground in the foothills. They come in a set of 4 pieces with 3 plastic feet to secure the surfaces from scratches.

Promising review:

I bought this multi-pack but separated them and gifted them to several people, and they all really love them. — Shanie

8. These boxes with classic geometric patterns and vintage elements look so much like real books, it’s scary! They are made out of wood, and the craftsmanship is exquisite.

The package includes one large box and one small box. You can also store the small box inside the bigger one.

Promising review:

These wooden boxes are just fabulous. They look like real books, and the smaller box fits into the bigger one. I just love them, and a holder for your glasses came with them as a little gift.
Very highly recommend these! Super-super happy customer here! 😊 - Bettyboo

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