9 Bathroom Finds That Are Brilliantly Useful

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When you’re having some trouble with getting quality shut-eye, you can use this interesting tip. It turns out that water-based body heating can affect our sleep in a good way. So taking a bath or shower 90 minutes before bedtime might be a pretty good idea.

And to make your experience even more comforting, here are some great products that really work.

1. This large rainfall shower head with 144 silicon nozzles looks modern and sleek and makes you feel like you’re in the Amazon rainforest.

It’s made of solid 304 stainless steel and is highly durable. The weight of the device makes it compatible with most shower arms and lets you adjust the angle of the shower head. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

Promising review:

A very good shower head gives a great experience when showering and is very easy to fit. Had it installed for a while now and haven’t had any problems with the chrome coming off, which I have had on other products. — Mr M Davis

2. This shower caddy is a great space saver and a nice design idea for your bathroom!

It has enough room to store lots of your personal care items and will keep them greatly organized. It is also suitable for your kitchen.

Promising review:

So easy to install. You get a spare sticky strip for each container, so if you are moving or want to change your bathroom tiles, you will be able to reuse them. They hold a good weight. They have drainage holes, and the adhesive strip has hooks on them, making it easy to remove the containers to clean them. Well worth the money. — spud

3. This bamboo bathmat with anti-slip rubber feet is extra sturdy and eco-friendly and is great for indoor or outdoor usage.

Bamboo has antibacterial properties and is easy to clean. You can lay it near bathtubs, in shower cubicles, in saunas and spas, as a jacuzzi bath mat, or even in the kitchen.

Promising review:

Really nice product! Well worth the money — much better than a mat in the bathroom — going to get one for my kitchen! — Linda Boulton

4. This cozy non-slip bathroom mat is very soft and will give you warm and fuzzy feelings every time you take a bath.

The mat is machine-washable and made of high-quality microfiber fabric. It comes in a variety of different designs, so you have a lot to choose from.

Promising review:

Lovely and soft bath mat. Does the job perfectly! — Damian Taylor

5. This shower caddy is easily installed — no drill is needed, and it’s very suitable for holding soaps, shower gels, shampoos, combs, and different cleaning products.

It’s made of high-quality material and has no sharp edges for comfortable and safe use. Its fashionable look is a bonus too.

Promising review:

After weeks of suction holders falling off in the middle of the night, I found these, and they’re perfect. Do everything I need and look really smart. My only minor gripe is that they do lean slightly forward, and I’m not sure if that would be worse with heavy items at the front, but otherwise, they’re a world away from suction caddies. — John

6. This multifunctional stainless steel grab rail is very sturdy and will not let you down, as it can support up to 500 lb (227 kg).

It comes with a set of 6 mounting screws. The covers hide the fixing plates, which makes the screws invisible.

Promising review:

I’ve installed this to help my parents up and down the steps to their front door, and it was easy to install, is very sturdy, and looks much better than the scaffold-style poles I have seen other people have. — Mr Jam

7. Put all of your bottles and loofas right where you can see them with these brilliantly transparent shelves.

They are really easy to install and will keep your shower tidy. The material won’t rust and will last for a very long time. And it has a unique waterproof glue that will keep everything in place.

Promising review:

Absolutely love these shelves! They are really secure and will not fall off or slip down like other suction shelves. They are pretty easy to install. The shelves are held securely with a bracket that is glued to the wall (see pic), and then you place the shelves on the bracket. So they can easily be removed to clean too. They look brilliant and make it much easier to keep the shower organized.
I had a little trouble with one bracket, which kept sliding down and wouldn’t stick at first, but I wiped the glue off, cleaned and dried the wall again, and tried again. This time it was perfect and held its place, so make sure you’ve cleaned and dried the wall properly before you put it up, and don’t be afraid to try again if it’s not holding at first. Would highly recommend them; they’ve been in place for a few weeks now and feel secure. Worth spending the money on these! — Ciara

8. This stainless steel device will not only make you feel like you’re showering in the rain, but it will also save you 30% on water.

This shower head is easy to clean. Its silicone water outlet effectively filters impurities to prevent clogging.

Promising review:

Arrived well-packaged, on time, and in excellent condition. Quick and simple installation; fully tilt adjustable. Haven’t had to clean it yet, but all the jets are functioning well. — G. Robinson

9. If you are not a fan of squeaking, this product will be perfect for you — this soft silicone blade squeegee works quietly and well.

The minimalistic design coupled with easy storage (no drilling or gluing is necessary) makes this product a great fit in any interior. It’s also easy to use and clean.

Promising review:

Lovely product. The whole thing is made of silicon with a metal core running through it. It is surprisingly heavy and feels very well-made. Feels expensive even though it’s not! I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s doing well. It does a good job at squeegeeing as long as you hold it correctly when you swipe (at the correct angle, so it collects all the water). Really goes well with my black and white-themed shower and bathroom. I can’t comment on the suction thing because I used the little hook bit instead. — Mr A

What bathroom gadgets do you find most useful? Which ones would you recommend to a friend?

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