8 Ways Our Relationships With the Ones We Love May Change in the Near Future

2 years ago

Our communication with people can change drastically in the future and it might be less challenging for us to stay in touch with our loved ones. Instead of spending a lot of money to visit our family, we will have the opportunity to actually feel them like they are in our presence, physically. If someone you love is far away all throughout the year, you may get the chance to spend Christmas with them thanks to the future era of technology.

Bright Side put together a list of ways that interactions with our dearest companions may change in the future.

1. We may have the ability to spot cheating.

Many students are becoming super creative with methods of cheating, and there may be an end to this opportunistic behavior, as facial recognition systems are being implemented in schools.

This system will be able to lessen the chances of cheating by analyzing the student’s faces against their ID and graduation pictures — which is even more precise than their fingerprints. As a result, this new era of facial recognition may detect lying and there will be more fairness among students.

2. Matching with our partners by their behavior

We all know how arduous it can be to talk to someone you just met and describe yourself — going through these beginning stages of getting to know someone can be quite overwhelming. That’s why it may be possible to track somebody’s behavior — how they take action in certain situations.

You may have the option to not only see what someone looks like physically but also to see their lifestyle patterns and see if yours match theirs — where they go, what they do throughout the day, etc.

3. We may be able to use our 5 senses online.

There may come a time when you will be able to use all of your 5 senses to feel a person! Technology will be able to share data so fast that it can be simulated into your online video call encounter with a person.

As a result of this, you will spend much less time learning about the person — it will be just like a real-life date, just from your own home.

4. We may be able to connect with our autistic loved ones.

As our world is becoming more technology-oriented, experts have created a device that recognizes people’s emotions and moods through playing games and simply spending time together on screen. It may be able to detect anger, happiness, sadness, and more — very accurately.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t just detect human faces for emotions, but also our voice when we speak to each other (our heart rate, pupils dilating, etc.). We may have the chance to feel more connected to our autistic loved ones, in a human-y way!

5. We may be able to get advice during a date.

In the future, information will be prepared so much faster and people will be able to gain feedback on what they are doing and get some advice about what to do next during their date, starting from the beginning of the conversation to the end — including deeper conversations like jokes they should tell their potential partner.

Not only will it guide you, but it will analyze how your body language changes in certain situations and tell you how to act next — from eating something to moving somewhere with a different room temperature. In addition, it may help you figure out whether you should get married to this person.

6. Online dating may turn into a safer environment.

Instead of being scared of an online creepy guy whose intentions you have no idea about, there may be an alternative way to meet someone securely. Technology may advance in ways like filtering fake accounts with improper content. It can automatically block some users whose purpose is without good intentions.

Also, there may be a way to come up with individualized recommendations — a smart filter that delivers information about your hobbies and interests, goals, etc.

7. We may be able to communicate with our pets

Imagine using your phone at a friend’s house to communicate with your pet. Researchers may come up with a way for you to interact with your animals in a completely respectful and touching manner.

Animals have feelings and consciousness too, so when they need help from their blind owner, to lead the way, for example, their owner could be able to support their best buddy with his problems too — and that would be a true plus for a loyal friendship.

8. Our DNA can help us find our perfect fit.

If you think that our DNA is not as crucial to finding our perfect fit, you may be in for a surprise. Our DNA may help us find out why we are attracted to certain people.

The correlation between our genetic sequence and attraction is more connected than we think. To find the person who matches us most, our genetic information would be distributed online, and through this process, we would be able to see the other person’s likes and preferences too.

Which point was the most captivating for you? Were you surprised by any of the above?


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