9 Anti-Aging Tips Dermatologists Suggest You Ignore

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2 years ago

When it comes to anti-aging techniques, the advice is never-ending: exfoliate everyday, wash your face many times and maintain a complex skincare routine. Some of this advice is good and science-based, and then there are suggestions that won’t do you any good.

Here at Bright Side, we love to bring you useful tips on how to keep yourself pretty and happy. Today, we’re debunking common myths related to anti-aging, and some of them may even surprise you.

1. Exfoliating your skin every day keeps your skin youthful.

Although you may feel like your skin is smoother and younger after exfoliating your face, don’t do this every day. The problem with doing this every day is mostly related to people with sensitive or dry skin. By exfoliating the skin every day, you may end up experiencing stinging or even producing more sebum/acne if your skin is naturally oily. Thus, refrain from exfoliating your skin every day.

2. A little sunscreen is enough to maintain young-looking skin.

You probably already know that wearing sunscreen is vital for having young, healthy skin. But how much is enough? According to scientists, people only wear 40% of the advised amount of sunscreen on their skin. A simple way to know how much sunscreen to use is by using the “2-finger” method — 2 strips of sunscreen from the base to the tip of your middle and index fingers will be just enough.

3. The more you wash your face, the better.

Thoroughly and consistently washing your face will remove excess pollution and keep it looking young, right? Not really. Too much washing will remove natural oils from the skin and may even result in irritation. According to experts, 2 times a day is good, and 3 times, at most, is ideal.

4. Only expensive cosmetics will lead to good anti-aging results.

Pricy cosmetics don’t necessarily mean that good results will be obtained. Of course, new technology requires you to make a bit of an investment, which may lead to higher prices, but that’s not always the case. A high price also could mean that the company splurged on advertising, packaging, or ingredients. Knowing that, you can also purchase cosmetics at a fair price and still get the results you want.

5. You need a complex anti-aging skincare routine.

To take care of your skin, you don’t have to own a large variety of beauty products or have a complex skincare routine. According to medical professionals, you only need a gentle cleanser, a face exfoliant, a moisturizer for your skin type, a retinoid cream, and, of course, sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.

6. If you’re young, there is no need for anti-aging skincare.

Another wrong thing people do is take care of their skin only after signs of aging start to appear. However, we should be focusing on prevention during our twenties and then correcting them in our sixties. That being said, daily antioxidants and the use of sunscreen is vital for young-looking skin.

7. More retinol will lead to better results.

Suppose you’re doing your nighttime skincare routine and you feel like your skin needs a little help. In this case, what you need to do is apply a massive amount of retinol cream, right? Wrong. Applying too much could lead to peeling and dryness.

So how much should you use? A pea-sized drop for your entire face should be enough.

8. People with darker skin don’t need sunscreen.

This a myth that leads to confusion. Although people with darker skin may be more protected from the sun when compared to people with lighter skin, they’re still prone to sunburns, which visually, doesn’t look as obvious. Because of this, some of us may carry a false sense of security. Regardless, everyone should be protected with at least 30 SPF sunscreen for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

9. 8 glasses of water a day will keep the wrinkles away.

Water plays an important role in health. Dry skin also leaves your face feeling aged, but dehydration won’t cause permanent wrinkles. According to specialists, it’s important to drink enough water, use gentle cosmetics, and, of course, refrain from bad habits in order to prevent wrinkles.

Which of these myths was a surprise for you? What other advice about anti-aging have you heard?

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