9 Myths About Style That Fashion Gurus Laugh At

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4 years ago

Modern style is reluctant to follow stereotypes. New trends usually go against certain rules trying to hint that individuality is what matters the most. There were times when such restrictions helped us live but this has finally come to an end. That’s why designers and fashion icons choose bold color combinations and prints, and are not afraid to mix unmatchable items, wearing whatever they like.

We at Bright Side decided to bust 9 widespread fashion myths that no one should believe in 2020.

Myth #1: You can’t wear silver and gold jewelry together.

If in the past, wearing gold and silver together was considered to be a sign of bad taste, however, today there’s nothing bad about this combination. According to stylists, the only thing that should be taken into account is the fact that the pieces share a similar style and match the other details of the look.

Myth #2: You can’t combine more than 3 colors in one look.

Mixing various textures, colors, and prints in one look has shifted from “bad taste” to ultrafashionable over the years. Today, designers and gurus of street fashion bravely mix seemingly unmatchable patterns and colors, not worrying about disharmony at all.

Myth #3: Oversized clothes suit only slim or tall people.

There’s a myth that says oversized clothes only suit slim and tall girls. But, in reality, this makes the “smaller representatives” of the beautiful half of the planet, as well as girls with shapely bodies, have a harder time trying to get everything right with their wardrobe. Oftentimes, oversized clothes look elegant on them too. One idea, for example, is to use a balancing trick: when wearing a big, roomy sweater, pair it with something slim and simple.

Myth #4: Women always look more feminine in high heels.

There’s a common opinion that says high-heeled shoes are what make a girl’s look feminine. However, there are a bunch of other features that can make a woman look feminine, like the way she walks, her posture, self-confidence, and clothes that fit her body shape. At the same time, any element such as bright lipstick or flirty open shoulders can actually create the perfect finishing touch to an overall look.

Myth # 5: Polyester clothes look cheap.

According to the stylist Katharina Starlay, one shouldn’t be afraid of polyester or other synthetic fabrics. Most sportswear is made from specially designed synthetic fibers. They dry quickly and don’t absorb odors. In addition, popular brands often make clothes out of polyester.

Myth # 6: Wearing black makes you look older.

Thinking that wearing black makes a person look older is another widespread myth. Conversely, properly chosen clothes of this color elongate the silhouette, making your body appear slimmer and attracting attention to the face.

Myth # 7: Bags made of genuine leather look more stylish.

A stylish bag is the finishing touch to any look but “stylish and nice” doesn’t always mean “genuine leather.” Moreover, many famous designers have started to release collections of faux and eco-friendly leather bags, and celebrities and other fashion-mongers are taking advantage of this trend nowadays.

Myth # 8: Glitter is only suitable for evening looks.

Glitter used to be thought of as something appropriate for evening wear exclusively. But fashionistas along with celebrities proved a long time ago that such things look cool in everyday wear as well. They can be enhanced with your favorite basic clothes such as comfortable trousers, sweatshirts, and coats.

Myth # 9: You should get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a long time.

Oftentimes, stylists suggest getting rid of things that you haven’t worn for over a year. But today’s fashion gurus think this is the wrong approach. That’s because the main thing to keep in mind here is the reason why you’re not wearing these clothes. Maybe there’s simply nothing to wear with them. And perhaps, one fine day, there will come a moment when you’ll feel the strong desire to wear that item once again. After all, vintage fashion is a genre all its own.

Have you ever busted famous fashion myths? What were they?


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MYTH #4 it is not myth... ladies are more feminine and sexy in high heels... only blind people can disagree...


Pff, guys please! Oversized clothes are the best to hide your body fat! I used to be rather fat but I wore a lot of baggy clothes and such, and ALL my friends thought I was smaller than I actually was ?

those were my saviors back in the days


I think black is one of the best colors - it matches with everything and it makes everyone look classy and elegant!


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