9 Priceless Life Hacks for Those Who Haven’t Prepared for Summer but Want to Look Flawless

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3 years ago

Attaining the perfect cover girl's beach body isn't something that can be done overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort and requires a certain level of dedication. According to Craig Primack of the Obesity Medicine Association, it's even harder to lose weight if you're short. The study showed that shorter women have a slower metabolism, which means that a 5 ft-tall woman can burn 1,200 calories per day, while a woman who is 5'10" can burn 1,750 or more per day.

Bright Side would like to share some tips with you that will help you to look flawless even if you're still carrying around a few extra pounds.

First of all, everybody is different, and that's totally fine. Some people are thin, others are curvy. Some people like jogging at 6 AM after long workout sessions, while others truly appreciate a good slice of pizza and a soda. The key to looking flawless in any shape is having self-love and peace of mind. But for those who would like to look a little bit thinner, but just couldn't manage to lose weight before summer, we have a few useful hacks you'll definitely want to try.

1. The right photo posture

It's essential to know your angles, which means that the same person can look much thinner or much bigger depending on their posture. The picture on the left is an example of good posture with a tight tummy, with the body slightly turned toward the camera. On the contrary, the right picture shows us the same girl standing sideways to the camera with her tummy out and loose.

A trick to looking tighter is to put one leg forward while turning a bit sideways - it'll create the appearance of a much thinner body. One more tip is to take pictures from above. Being photographed from below can make you look much heavier than you really are.

2. Choose the right swimsuit.

One major concern for curvy ladies is looking good in a swimsuit. In general, they look better in 1-piece monokinis or 2-piece swimsuits with high-waisted bottoms. For those with larger breasts, it's essential to have tops with strong support. For girls with big butts, it's not recommended to wear string bikinis.

3. Wear heels.

Legs look much slimmer in a pair of heels, especially ones with pointy toes. This type of shoe also lifts the butt, making the whole body appear more graceful.

4. Tan or get a faux tan.

It's no secret that tanned legs look more appealing and slim. Try to get some sun - and if you can't, just apply a fake tan. Since faux tans can sometimes be problematic to wear, make sure to moisturize your legs. This creates the same illusion of smoother, thinner legs.

5. Invest in Spanx.

If you want to wear a certain piece of clothing but it highlights your problem areas, try to wear a pair of Spanx. Invest in a good pair, it will help you get rid of that big belly and muffin top. Certain types of Spanx are even created to lift up your butt.

6. Choose flattering clothes.

Choosing a clothing item that sits well on your body can make a world of difference. Don't pick clothes that are too big or small on you, it'll only make you look thicker. Wear dresses with a high slit or show your legs as long as you're comfortable and secure to do so.

7. Draw attention to your waist.

Usually, accentuating the waist helps to create a feminine silhouette and hide those few extra pounds. You can look for more fitted clothing the next time you go shopping, or simply accessorize the clothes you already have with belts.

8. Don't hump.

Standing and sitting with proper posture makes a huge difference. It makes your tummy look flatter, helping you to lose a few pounds visually. Not to mention that it's really good for your health. Try to keep your back straight and your shoulders back.

9. Try to avoid foods that bloat you.

Some foods tend to create gas inside our bodies, making the belly bloated. It creates the appearance of excess weight. These dangerous foods include beans, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and more. Try to limit your intake of these types of foods.

Do you feel more prepared for summer? Have you tried any of these hacks?

Share your opinion with us in the comments below!


How about being healthy and happy with yourself. I see nothing wrong with ashleygraham pictures, both of them. It’s pAthletic how society/media tries so hard to achieve this notion of perfection. Maybe post something more body positive
Brightside.. Please note in picture 1 Emily is a model & fitness coach. Picture 1 is not only good posture everything pulled in, but also not "bloated" picture 2 is her having bloating after eating gluten to which this is part of the reaction her body has. It has nothing to do with bad posture. Therefore using these images to suggest how posture can make such a difference in a picture is incredibly misleading for the readers.

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