9 Style Tricks That Men Keep Forgetting About in Vain

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10 months ago

Breaking the rules may be the only real rule in fashion, but the whole idea is to know how to break them properly. For example, wearing a shirt with a muffin top can hardly be an asset to your look since it makes your body appear disproportionate. Some other fashion hacks can help you find the exact figure you’re looking for.

1. Combining jeans with boots

A very common urban look is wearing sneakers and jeans, so much so that some companies have even created special jeans just for sneakers. That being said, the best way to wear jeans is with boots. As long as they’re not completely covered by baggy jeans, they’ll make your legs look longer.

2. Using a normal amount of garments

Sometimes less is more. Wearing a watch, a thick necklace, a wristband, and a hat all at the same time can distract people from the unique designs you probably chose. A subtle combination of a watch and sunglasses or matching shoes is enough to show that you care about your look.

3. Combining baggy and slim-fitting clothing

No item of clothing is unfashionable as long as it’s paired well with other items. Although longer shirts are often not recommended, combining them with slim or skinny jeans can help you pull them off. The same goes the other way around: baggy jeans are to be worn with a fitted shirt.

4. Choosing the right neck

This is very often ignored, but helpful advice. Choosing the right neck gives a harmonious shape to your face, making it more pleasant to look at. A V-neck works perfectly with square faces or shorter necks while if you’re a tall person or have a long neck, a crew neck might be a better fit. Deep V-necks, however, are often off-limits!

5. Breaking in a leather jacket

Buying a new leather jacket can be tough: you have to break it in before wearing it. Most people think that this can only be done by wearing it. A useful tip is to wipe the jacket with a damp cloth, then wear it and do a few push-ups or aerobic moves. The jacket will look as if it was worn for a while. Be careful though — you don’t want to go heavy on the water or the jacket will be ruined.

6. Choosing a suit that suits you

Looking good in a suit is a matter of choosing the right one. The most important thing to take into account is your height. For example, shorter men should go for a slim fit and jackets that have a higher waist button to elongate their figure. Taller men, on the other hand, can opt for darker colors known for shrinking the total appearance along with 3-button jackets. Alternatively, they can use a regular suit with 2 buttons to shorten the whole outfit’s neckline.

7. Wearing shorter, untucked shirts

Wearing long shirts with slimmer pants can make your body look disproportionate: your legs will look shorter and your torso, too big. A good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that half of your crotch has to be visible or that the front bottom shirttail should just barely align with the ends of your sleeves when you stand up straight.

8. Eliminating the muffin top

Perhaps one of the least classy ways to wear a shirt is to have it tucked in, showing off your muffin top. Remember, not all shirts are made to be tucked in, just those with visible tails. Try using the military tuck or buying shirt stays if you have trouble tucking in your shirt properly.

9. Buying shorts that are the right length

Shorts can create a lot of problems if they’re not worn appropriately. Length is extremely important. You don’t want them to bee too short for obvious reasons or too long either. A good rule of thumb is to keep them 1 to 3 inches above your knee. And yes, cargo shorts are a no-go.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Oh, how much I love a well-fitted shirt in men ❤️ For more tips I suggested watching how Harvey Specter does it ;)


I hate V necks so my husband stopped wearing t-shirts like that! Thank God!


What a useful article! I personally believe that less is more so I'm a very simple guy when it comes to get dressed but these tips suit me well. Thank you!


i'd laugh myself silly if my man wore skinny jeans (ever!) and hiking boots! that look only works for ladies with small feet. imho, natch.


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