9 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is No Longer Happy in Your Relationship

4 years ago

19% of Americans are unhappy in their relationships but will stay together with their partner anyway, according to a survey. While it’s impossible to read the mind of another person to know for sure whether something is wrong, there are certain behavioral patterns that can reveal your partner’s true intentions and show that they aren’t satisfied with the relationship anymore.

Bright Side understands how confusing and painful relationship struggles can be, so we came up with a list of more unobvious signs that can indicate that for your partner, your relationship might be moving in the wrong direction.

1. Your partner doesn’t include you as much in their life as they used to.

It’s completely natural to have a life outside the relationship and spend some time alone. However, if you feel like your partner is getting more distant and constantly asks for space, it can be a sign that they’re not completely satisfied with the way things are going between you. For example, your partner may pick up a new hobby, plan a vacation alone, or hang out with your mutual friends without you. If you start to feel like your partner is trying to exclude you as much as possible, it’s probably time to have a talk.

2. It feels like your partner’s feelings change all the time.

One moment your partner acts as if you’re the love of their life and the next, they become cold and resentful. If you’re familiar with this situation, something is probably wrong. Your partner may feel a certain level of discomfort and unhappiness and are unable to sort their feelings out, so they may start projecting their confusion and irritation on you. Keep in mind that mood swings can be a sign of some psychological problems like depression or anxiety disorders, so talk to your partner first to determine the real cause for their behavior.

3. Your partner doesn’t show any physical affection.

Some people like touching more than the others, but if you and your partner used to be very lovey-dovey and now you notice that your partner refrains from touching, hugging or kissing, or backs away when you show any affection, it can be an alarming sign. It may be their way of keeping space between you and showing emotional disconnection and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

4. You constantly fight for no obvious reason.

If your partner keeps on picking fights about small things they probably wouldn’t have even noticed in the past, it can be a sign of their frustration with the relationship. Your partner may not know how to express their feelings, so fighting is the only available way to show their irritation and anger. Some people also don’t want to carry the burden of ending the relationship, so they may subconsciously want to make their partner be the initiator of the break-up.

5. You feel like your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

In a strong relationship, partners are willing to do hobbies, explore the world, or make plans for the future together. It’s completely natural to focus on your own life from time to time but if you feel like you both are stuck on the same page for far too long and you don’t grow together, it can be a sign that your partner doesn’t want to invest in the relationship anymore. The relationship should evolve so that both partners can build intimacy and trust.

6. Your partner agrees with everything you say.

Compromise is the key to a happy and healthy relationship but if you feel like your partner just goes along with everything you say, it can be a disturbing sign. For example, if your partner used to stand up for their opinion and now they just go with the flow, they probably don’t care that much about your relationship anymore. You may also notice a lack of initiative, meaning there are no more romantic gestures, date nights, or talks about the future.

7. Your partner brings more people into the relationship.

Having a group of friends to hang out with is a great way to bring new emotions into your relationship. But if you hardly spend any time in private, it can indicate that your partner might be getting tired of your relationship. Spending quality time with your significant other is the only way to build a strong emotional connection and to have deep-level conversations with your partner, and if they’re missing out on that, it’s the time to sort both your feelings out.

8. Your partner doesn’t pay attention to you.

Although at the beginning of your relationship your partner may have done anything to get to know you better and give you all their time and attention, with time, these strong feelings can fade away. But it doesn’t mean that your partner should act like you don’t exist. If you notice that they zone out when you talk or forget important dates or about plans you’ve made together, their head probably isn’t in the relationship anymore.

9. Your partner ignores problems in your relationship.

If your partner keeps on saying that everything is normal and that you’re just being paranoid but you can feel that they resent you, it can be a sign that something is off in your relationship. Your partner may not be ready to talk about their feelings, so it’s easier for them to pretend like everything is fine and not to take any action. If you’ve brought up the problem several times and your partner still isn’t ready for a discussion, give them some space and focus on your life instead.

Have you ever been in a situation where you or your partner were dissatisfied with the relationship? How did you deal with the problem? Share your story in the comments.

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I had something similar with my ex boyfriend many years ago, but honestly saying, he was never so much into me, I felt it..


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