9 Sweet Things Celebs Do on Set That Leave Us in Awe

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The time actors spend with their co-stars and crew members making a movie can last years, so it’s no wonder that friendships arise from time to time. We only get to see the finished project, the movie, but sometimes actors let us know a little bit more about the process.

We are astonished by the stories actors and film crews tell about working with certain celebrities. That’s why we at Bright Side wanted to show you 9 times when celebrities were so compassionate to their colleagues, we couldn’t help but want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

1. Paul Newman with Susan Sarandon

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The accomplished actress, Susan Sarandon, recalled in an interview how during the filming of a movie, she only got equal pay to her male co-stars because Paul Newman gave her part of his salary. According to the actress, there was an agreement with the producers that all the leading actors would get equal pay. “But they only meant the 2 guys,” she stated.

Nevertheless, Newman’s actions were praised by Sarandon, who called him a “gem.”

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger with Michael Ironside

Arnold Schwarzenegger may look a little intimidating on screen, and maybe in real life too, but he also has a tender side that not everyone knows about. According to actor Michael Ironside, while they were filming a movie together, Schwarzenegger approached him to inquire about his sister, Wendy, since she was very sick at the time.

This happened at a time when cell phones and the Internet didn’t exist yet. Ironside recalls that it wasn’t easy to contact his sister, so Schwarzenegger invited him into his trailer, where there was a phone that looked like a government one. The actor said in an interview that Schwarzenegger spent half an hour talking to Wendy, and he also shared that he got very emotional because his co-star and friend made an effort.

3. Robert De Niro with John Cazale

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John Cazale and Robert De Niro were cast in a movie together while Cazale was fighting a terminal disease. The production company of the film wanted him fired because the insurance costs of having an ill actor on set would be outrageous, but the filmmakers and his co-star, Robert De Niro, didn’t want to make the film without him.

The award-winning actress, Meryl Streep, who was Cazale’s girlfriend at the time, later stated that it was De Niro who offered to pay the insurance money so that the actor could be in the movie with him. In the end, Cazale’s pals proved what true friendship is by taking good care of him.

4. Robin Williams

Robin Williams has always been a beloved actor, making audiences laugh with his many performances. After he passed away, a booking agent named Brian Lord shared a cute story about the late actor.

Lord stated that he was negotiating to book Robin Williams for an event when he came across the extra requirements that the actor asked for. For every film or event Williams did, he requested the company that hired him to employ a certain number of homeless people too. Lord recalls being surprised by the actor’s kind request.

5. Bradley Cooper with Ken Jeong

Not everything was all laughs and fun on the set of The Hangover. The actor, Ken Jeong, remembered a time when his wife was battling breast cancer, and he was offered a role in the movie. Jeong turned down the part in order to be with her, but she encouraged him to take it.

According to Jeong, his co-workers were so understanding about the situation that even the director of the film tried to schedule around his wife’s chemo sessions. Jeong remembered that on the last day of filming, his co-star and friend, Bradley Cooper, drove him on a 4-hour trip from Vegas to L.A. so that he could see his wife.

6. Robert Downey Jr. with Chris Evans

Mayer / face to face / FaceToFace / REPORTER / East News, VALERIE MACON / AFP / East News

Robert Downey Jr. is someone we’d all like to have as a co-worker. The Marvel star is known for giving great gifts, and this time was no exception. Right after the production of Avengers: Endgame finished, the actor gave his co-star, Chris Evans, a fully restored 1967 Chevy Camaro RS.

As an extra touch, the actor designed the car to have features that referenced Captain America. The car appeared on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, which showed the customized beauty on their social media.

7. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is a great boss, and if you watch her show, you’ll quickly see why. In one of the episodes, Clarkson decided to surprise her music director and friend by writing him a cute thank-you letter as part of a segment called “Ambush Thank You.” In the letter, the talk show host stated, “The consistency of our friendship has made me a better person.”

8. Dolly Parton

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

Dolly Parton starred as an angel in a Netflix Christmas production, and she must have taken her role very seriously since she saved a little girl from a terrible accident. Talia, the 9-year-old dancer, remembers that she was at the hot chocolate station when they were asked to return to their starting positions.

As she was walking, there was a car moving, which she didn’t see, but the iconic Dolly Parton noticed what was going to happen, so she grabbed Talia and moved her out of the way. The dancer recalls that she was stunned and grateful to the singer.

9. Chris Hemsworth with Natalie Portman

Chris Hemsworth has been known for his charming, down-to-earth, funny, and kind personality. Some of his co-stars have talked about how nice of a person he is, and this time he proved them right. Natalie Portman talked about how Hemsworth knew she was vegan, so he stopped eating meat for a day because they had a kissing scene.

Portman thought that was very sweet of her co-star, especially because she didn’t ask him to do it, but still, he decided to be a great friend and overall person.

Did any of these stories change your perception of a specific celebrity? Tell us in the comments how you think true friends should be.


End of the day, they're just ppl. An ppl have the ability to be good ppl.

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