9 Useful Things for the Bathroom That Few People Are Aware Of

3 years ago

A comfortable and functional bathroom is a feather in any person’s cap. At the same time, it’s not that easy to design this small space so that you have all the necessary things at hand that also manage to be pleasing to the eye. It’s also important to make sure that things don’t take up too much of your precious space or create a mess.

We at Bright Side love finding useful life hacks and tips on the Internet that help our homes become cozier. And today, we’re going to add another portion of cool solutions for the bathroom.

A functional cabinet with a mirror

Mirror-cabinets are especially important for small bathrooms where every inch of space matters. It doesn’t create a feeling of tightness, and mirrors that have shelves on the sides can be a perfect option for storing cosmetic items that should be kept in a dark place that we use in front of the mirror.

Shower curtains with pockets

Such pockets perfectly house everything that can’t be placed on shelves (like brushes, bath puffs, scrapers, and other bath items).

A garbage bin

It’s very convenient to have a small garbage bin in the bathroom, but for some reason, many people neglect this idea. Make sure to place the bin in an unnoticeable place — it will let you ditch Q-tips, cotton pads, soap packs, and other small things right then and there instead of carrying these items through the whole house to reach the main garbage bin. And as an extra bonus, this makes it so you won’t have to empty the garbage as often.

A tray

This is a stylish and functional way to store things that get lost easily, such as cosmetic items in small packs, hair accessories, and various tubes. Simply put the tray where it’s comfortable for you and you’ll get a very chic-looking interior.

Mittens for storing soap

Solid soap that is almost completely finished but that you feel stingy getting rid of can be put in a separate puff in the shape of a mitten. It’s easy to store such a mitten in the bathroom on a hook and can be used as an organizer. Plus, you only need to wet it to wash your body. Of course, only one person can use it to remain hygenic.

A mop holder

This minimalistic device, which is fixed to the wall or any other vertical surface that is comfortable for you, can help you prop the mop up quickly without it always falling down.


Baskets can be of different sizes, from small ones that contain cosmetics to big ones that house various textiles. Baskets are made from materials that are natural and airy, making them a perfect place for storing clean towels.

Petal-shaped soap dishes

The base of such a soap dish is fixed on a suction cup, and you can put it on any surface in the bathroom that’s comfortable for you. Thanks to the groove that lets water drain right into the sink, the soap doesn’t stay wet, and the dish itself stays neat-looking. Additionally, it can also be used in the kitchen — you can store a sponge for washing dishes in it.

A handle for the toilet seat

A small handle can be fixed to the toilet seat, letting you lift and lower it down without having to touch the germ-ridden surface. Thanks to its small size, it’s almost unnoticeable and doesn’t create any discomfort when using the toilet. And you can install this device yourself — you’ll just need some glue and a spoon.

What things from our list would you gladly add to the interior of your bathroom?


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