A 12-Year-Old Guy Makes Bow Ties to Help Shelter Animals Find a Loving Home, and He Won’t Stop Until Every Cage Is Empty

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Not all heroes wear capes but as it turns out, some of them wear bow ties. We’re talking about Darius Brown, a young man who devoted himself to a very special business: he makes bow ties for shelter animals to help them find a loving home. This way, he really encourages people to consider adoption when they’re ready to expand the size of their family, fur-wise.

We at Bright Side find the story of this young man to be absolutely amazing, so we’ve decided to share it with our readers.

This boy has been special from the very beginning.

Darius’ life has never been easy. When he was only 2 years old, he was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skill delays. At that time, he couldn’t use his own hands properly, and even simple activities such as tying a shoe were a huge problem for him.

However, Darius’ family never gave up. At the age of 8, he started assisting his older sister, Dazhai, who enrolled in cosmetology school and needed some help with sewing her hair ribbons. The family thought that it could be a good opportunity for the boy to develop his fine motor skills. So Darius began to cut fabric, sew it together, and make ribbons like his sister did. And it worked!

Pretty soon, Darius began making his own bow ties. His skills turned out to be so great that the boy even started designing and selling them to family, friends, and the public. Since then, bow ties have become an essential part of his life. “I wear bow ties all the time,” Brown says. “Literally everywhere I go, I wear a bow tie.”

From a personal hobby to an important mission

The turning point in Darius’ life happened in 2017. Back then, many people living in America faced huge devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. As it turned out, people weren’t the only ones who suffered from these horrific events, but plenty of cats and dogs lost their owners and were transferred to shelters.

As a huge dog lover, Darius just couldn’t stand idly by, so he decided to find a way to help these lost animals find new, loving homes. At the age of 11, Brown founded his own company, “Beaux & Paws” that specializes in creating unique and stylish bow ties for people and their furry family members.

Both pets and their owners are grateful.

For now, Darius has already donated countless bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers across the US and the United Kingdom. This unique way of using his passion for bow ties has turned thousands of shelter residents into cute and elegant pets who are ready to go home or who have already found one.

With every purchase of a Beaux and Paws product, Darius makes a donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He also uses the money to buy fabric and new materials in order to make more bow ties.

This young man is never going to stop!

This summer, Darius started visiting different states across the US to volunteer at animal shelters and adoption centers and provide them with his handmade bow ties. With the hope that these special accessories will help catch the eyes of potential adopters, he decided to personally meet the residents and give them as much help as he could.

He also continues his fundraising efforts to increase the production of bow ties and hopes to expand his business beyond accessories to include outfits as well.

Do you find Darius’ story inspiring? If so, you can always help him complete his paw-some mission by donating some money yourself. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends!


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