A 36-Year-Old Chinese Woman Picks “High-Quality Singlehood” Over “Low-Quality Marriage” and Goes Viral

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According to statistics, marriage is becoming less common worldwide. Different generations have different preferences, and the role of personal freedom in society gets higher. Of course, women’s voices are very important in this topic.

A Chinese woman shared a public video that got over 270,000 views and more than 27,000 comments. She doesn’t do any tricks but describes her routine — she shows us how she spends her day in her apartment, cooks, and dresses up. In the video, a woman says what serious bonds mean to her.
She characterized herself as unwed and says that marriage can become “torture” if you “marry the wrong person.”

“I think nowadays, women are no longer living in the age of depending on men in marriage, so I find my way to live my life.”

“If you are with someone whom you are repulsed by just from looking at them, how different is that from prison?”

In her opinion, it’s better to be single “instead of getting married for the sake of it.” Marriage is not a solution or a key to a better life. Sometimes it can even be the opposite. Instead, the woman chooses freedom, peace with herself, and a calm home environment where she can cook what she wants and when she wants.

“I think we are past the time where a woman’s life is about getting married to a man, looking pretty, and getting fed.”

What is your opinion about marriage? Is it as important nowadays to get married? How do you feel if you live alone?

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if you're with someone you don't like then resolve it with that person. i'm not saying her way of life is wrong, but there's ways to resolve things.


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