A Baker “Paints” on Dough With Herbs and Veggies, and Inspires People to Bake Bread at Home

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Teri Culletto is a baker from Massachusetts who turns every loaf of bread she makes into little food masterpieces. As a child, Teri spent time with her grandmother in a little suburban kitchen making dough and baking bread, and this craft has been her tireless passion ever since. Teri inspires many people to bake bread and make themselves and their families a bit happier.

Here at Bright Side, we want to share some masterpieces Teri has “painted” on bread with pieces of colorful veggies. We bet they’ll make you want to bake something yourself, or at least take a bite of some tasty bread.

Focaccias that remind us of paintings by Vincent van Gogh

Sweet focaccias with flowers in bloom

Seascapes on bread

Quilted focaccias

Heart-shaped focaccias made with love

Do you like baking? What’s your latest baking masterpiece? Can you show us its picture in the comments?


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