A Brazilian Photographer Takes Pictures in the Most Ordinary Places, but the Result Is Mesmerizing

9 months ago

Good photographers go through a lot in the pursuit of the perfect picture. Some people say you can’t take a good photo without a good camera, but let’s not forget about the photographer’s skills and creativity.

Brazilian photographer Gilmar Silva revealed the precious secrets of his work to his Instagram followers. Not only does he upload the photos before editing but he also invites us to look behind the scenes of the shooting process.

We at Bright Side were surprised to see the contrast of the shooting locations and the final results of Silva’s work. We hope that you’ll enjoy his unusual approach too.

Gilmar Silva’s photographs are a great example of how the post-production process can turn an ordinary location into a fairytale-like background in any picture.

We are sure he’s very talented and creative. What do you think about Silva’s works? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit gilmarphotos / Instagram


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In my opinion its not photography but more of a photoshop job. The photoshopper is more talented than the photographer.


Whatever he is, the result is way better than reality. But I prefer real things though.


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