A Cat Just Loves Going for a Ride, so Her Owner Made Her a Helmet and Now She’s a True Biker

2 years ago

Cats are as lovable as they are unpredictable. Many things have been said about these domestic felines: they are mysterious, independent, somewhat surly but cuddly, standoffish, and comfort-loving. It is possible that we all choose the same characteristics when describing a cat’s personality. However, they are much more than that and it often happens that their attitudes break with everything we thought they were capable of. Then we realize: there is no way to predict the behavior of these magical little animals. No matter how much they’ve grown close to humans, they will always do something new to surprise us.

Bright Side tells you the story of Cathode, the kitten who loves speed and extreme sports, and we’re going to show you what her adventurous life with her owner, Rémy, is like today.

The first days of Rémy and Cathode’s life together

This inspiring story began about 6 years ago. Rémy wanted to adopt a cat and with that idea in mind, he went to an animal shelter. Among many other kittens, he found Cathode, who as soon as she saw him, walked straight up to him to say hello. You could say that, in a way, it was she who chose her owner instead of the other way around.

Cathode’s early days consisted of what we all pretty much think domestic cats love doing during the day: sleeping in the comfort of a good, soft cushion, enjoying good company now and then, taking a long nap, and cuddling with her owner. But even though he saw she was very happy, Rémy felt guilty for providing her with nothing more than an apartment life. He wanted Cathode to enjoy the outdoors as much as he did. So, he decided to take things a step further.

Rémy discovered Cathode’s true passion pretty soon after that

At first, Rémy would only take Cathode for a walk by holding her in his arms, believing that she would feel more secure and comfortable this way. However, he soon discovered that, far from being afraid of the outside world, she was increasingly enjoying the outings, which after a while were no longer in her owner’s arms. Yes. What had started as a simple walk began to pick up some real momentum, and it didn’t take Rémy long to realize that Cathode actually loved extreme sports.

Biking, skiing, paragliding, rowing... any means that involved getting to know new places and traveling with her owner began to be the kitten’s favorite activity. And there was something else that fascinated this stalwart co-pilot: sticking her face out and feeling the wind through her whiskers. Rémy always noticed how much she liked that, especially when they rode on his motorcycle.

Rémy then designed a custom helmet for Cathode

Drawing on his engineering skills, Rémy designed a helmet for Cathode with goggles so that her eyes would be protected, while at the same time she could still enjoy the wind in her whiskers with all the safety measures in place. He first assembled a paper mold and then redesigned it on the computer before printing a 3D version. And this was to be the prototype, with many more to come to accompany Cathode’s “motorcycling” life.

Rémy’s greatest reward is to see how a kitten who had been abandoned and was sad is now so happy. They both trust each other, they feel safe and happy in each other’s company. Now, these adventurous companions are a real family, and the bond between them is undoubtedly as indestructible as Rémy’s helmet.

Do you know of a story in which a cat’s attitude has been very different from what is normally expected of them and has far exceeded its owner’s expectations? Tell us about it!


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When my dad was a kid they had a cat, but then they found out my dad was allergic and it wasn't safe for them to be in the same house. They gave the cat away to this lady, and she and her boyfriend took the cat on a road trip on their motorcycle. The cat was very happy :)


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