A Crazy Old Lady Accused Me of Stealing My Son, Then Tried to Forcibly Take Him From Me

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2 months ago

Public places and transport are probably the most common locations where some real drama may happen between absolute strangers. Such incident happened to a man, who didn’t do anything bad, he just went shopping with his little son to help his wife while she was taking a nap at home. But the things quickly turned into one big scandal for him and his son, and the man wrote to Reddit to hear the opinions of people about his crazy encounter.

The man took to Reddit and didn’t even try to hold his anger while telling his story.

A man, 29, has come to one of the Reddit’s communities to tell about the incident that happened to him and his little stepson in a grocery store.

He started his post telling that he got involved into a big scandal about a week ago. He shared that honestly he was still fuming from this. The man told people a little backstory.

He wrote that he’s a mixed ethnicity individual. He’s been confused for many races over the course of his 29 years on this planet, but he’s literally Caucasian and African American. He explained that usually it could be figured out but the difference with him is his father is the Caucasian so therefore his hair is straight.

He added that he’s originally from Texas, and he’s usually confused for being Mexican. “But now I live in Massachusetts, and I’ve never had an issue with anyone concerning my race, until this day. Also, I am married to a Caucasian woman who had a child before we were married. His father is not in his life as much, and I took the responsibility because I love this woman and I love this little boy as if he were my own. He’s 4 now, and I’ve been in his life since he was 1.”

What started as an ordinary day, has turned into a nightmare for the man.

The man goes on with his story, saying, “My wife needed a few things from the grocery store, and she needed to run a few more errands, and usually she just goes and knocks things out herself because I’m sleep (I work nights) but this particular day I happened to be awake, and I offered to go for her.”

The man explained that his wife works hard and does a lot, so he definitely felt it was necessary to do something for her so she could just relax for the day. He then took his son with him so she could rest up and just take it easy, and it gave him time to spend with his son for some bonding.

He wrote, “We completed all of the errands which went smoothly and then headed to the grocery store to finish up our day. My son being a typical four-year-old was full of energy running ahead of me laughing and speaking to everyone he comes across, which I generally don’t mind as long as he doesn’t hit anyone and stays within eye view.”

And then the bad encounter happened to both of them. The man revealed, “As I’m making my way down an aisle looking for canned corn, my son jogs to the end of it when an older lady is entering at the other end. My son, being the sweet social butterfly he is, approached and exclaims an excited ‘Hi! Me 4 and me Ryan!’ Bless his little heart. The lady looked down and says ‘Well hello there. You shouldn’t be running around unattended, let’s go find your parents.’”

The huge scandal broke down just out of the blue.

The man revealed that he didn’t think anything of the old woman’s statement because he assumed she just hadn’t seen him. He said to his son, “Ryan! Come back here, bud, please!” He excitedly ran back toward his dad and started turning in circles because, as the man said, “You know, he’s 4 lol.”

He goes on, saying, “I’m still searching the shelves as the lady walks past me and stops behind me. Again, I think nothing of it because it’s a grocery store, and you have to share the aisles. I turn my basket around and start to walk toward the front cash registers when this lady literally blocks my path. I say excuse me and try to walk around her, and she moves her cart in front of me again. I honestly thought she was just getting confused and said excuse me once again and tried one more time to go around, and she just blocks my path.”

And then the old lady and the man had a very emotional conversation. The man suggested her that they get out of her way, to which the woman replied, “Oh, I don’t think so! You’re not going anywhere with that child!”

She then insisted that the boy wasn’t the man’s child. Because he just didn’t look like his stepdad. The man tried to explain to her that they need to go home and that his wife was waiting anxiously for them, but the old lady wouldn’t listen at all. She said, “Stop your lies. You’re not taking him anywhere.”

This whole time the boy was standing close to the man holding his leg because he was honestly getting scared. The man was getting angry. He said to the lady, “As you can see he’s standing close to me because he trusts me, and you’re scaring him, so how about you buzz off?”

And she replied, “No! He’s scared because of you! He just doesn’t know how to express it yet.”

The drama was developing with a speed of light.

The man wrote, “Thankfully, my son was able to communicate to her, he wasn’t going anywhere with her. But she was having NONE of it. She literally grabbed my son and began to run. It caught me off guard because I honestly could not fathom what was actually happening. My son starts screaming loudly because he was so scared and this lady is just like ‘Don’t worry sweetie he won’t hurt you, I promise!’ Suddenly, I snap back into reality and I begin to chase after this crazy lady. While running through the store, I yell for people to stop her and that she’s just taking my son away, and thankfully a worker stops her before she makes the exit.”

What happened next, was the woman calling the boy her grandson, and things became even more tense. The man explained, “The manager didn’t know what to believe. I don’t blame him, he was caught in a weird situation. So I pulled out my phone and showed him pictures of me and my son that dated a year or so back as proof. This lady still would not give up and accused me of faking them. Like, how would you do that, exactly? I’ll never know, but whatever. One of the customers called the police, which I was actually happy about because I knew they’d be able to review the security cameras.”

The man also called his wife to see if she could come to the store to get this situation cleared up quicker. As soon she told her what was going on, she zoomed to the store. She got there about the same time as the police. The old lady and other ladies who supported her, were giving their statement to the police officers when the boy’s mom walked in. As soon as she walked in, the boy shouted, “mama help!” The man says, “My wife is a true mama bear, and she immediately flew into a rage when she saw this lady holding my son.”

The story had a happy ending, but a very sad aftertaste for the family.

The man explained that he presented his ID to the officer and the manager, and his wife did the same. They also each showed pictures of them on their phones to prove they were really a family.

The police officer nodded in approval and handed them their phones back and jotted down a few notes. The three ladies for some reason still kept trying to say this was all fake and the man’s wife was also plotting something.

The man wrote that the story ended positively for them. He said, “Lady one was charged with child endangerment. The other two were also charged with providing a false police report as well.”

And this 94-year-old lady can barely be seen making scandals in public places. At her age, she is a model and a real Internet superstar, who could steal the heart of your grandfather.


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