This 94-Year-Old Internet Superstar Could Easily Steal More Hearts Than Just Your Grandpa’s

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There are people in their sixties, seventies, or even nineties, who can hardly be called a “grandma” or a “grandpa.” This is all because they absolutely smash all age stereotypes by being so young in their minds and souls and living an active life that even a young person would envy. Our featured heroine today is known as Baddiewinkle, a vivid example of how one can live a long and dramatic life and still stay at their peak, inspiring others to keep the seeds of youth inside their minds.

Helen has become a real Internet sensation.

Helen Ruth Elam was born in 1928, and she’s better known as Baddiewinkle. She’s a fine old lady rocking her white locks that always appears in the coolest, most stylish clothes. For this reason, she is considered the coolest grandmother on the block and has over 3,000,000 fans on Instagram.

This grandma can easily kick up a storm whenever she posts a photo of herself on Instagram, and she keeps people amazed with her absolutely daring fashion sense. Many people think that she’s a living example of the popular saying that age is just a number.

Her main secret is being young at heart and making her absolutely crazy genes work, despite all of life’s losses and negativities. And here’s the thing that attracts more and more people to her positivity.

The woman’s life has been quite dramatic over the years, but she’s never lost her optimism.

Helen has suffered huge personal tragedies in her life. She lost her son to cancer and then lost her husband to a car accident. Her profession was far from glamorous, as she worked at a factory ordering spare parts for 28 years to be able to feed her family. As of today, this lady has 8 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren and is swimming in fame.

The woman has received a large number of followers after her great-granddaughter, Kennedy Lewis, posted a photo to Twitter, where the great-grandma was wearing her great-granddaughter’s clothes. Unexpectedly, Helen woke up famous the next morning, finding Rihanna among her followers. Now, she’s followed by even more celebrities, including Khloé Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefanie, Miley Cyrus, and Drake.

She has since appeared in various popular shows and has even become a brand ambassador. With the positivity that she spreads among people, it’s no wonder she’s been hailed as “a reason to fall in love with social media all over again.”

Baddiewinkle is an absolute rebel with a strong spirit.

Like most bright and extraordinary people, Baddiewinkle has become an absolute sweetheart to many. She is highly praised not only for her fashion sense, but also for her rebellious spirit. However, she does have a lot of naysayers and critics who make bold statements under her posts.

But this lady is a really hard nut to crack. She takes all critical comments in stride and says that she has always been the ultimate rebel. To all the other grandmas who want to follow her example and do what she has done, she also has something to say, “All these other grandmas are copycats. I like a real cat.”

Helen inspires many people to live the lives they want and to never be afraid.

There’s a motto on her Instagram that says, “Stealing Ur Mans Since 1928,” and this probably describes Helen’s approach to life. She does everything with tons of self-love and adds a big dose of humor to everything she creates.

She’s kept her inner child through all of life’s ups and downs, and when she was 88, she wrote a book called Baddiewinkle’s Guide to Life.

Her advice for those who want to live a happy life is simple. She says, “The key to a happy life — now this is my version: You’re always smiling at people even though you just meet them on the street (most of the time you’ll get a smile back), and always be kind to every human that you meet. I have met a lot of people and I think that they would say that about me.”

What about Baddiewinkle’s story inspires you the most? When you’re her age, what kind of person do you think you’ll be?


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