A Dad Has the Perfect Answer to Men Who Keep Complaining About Taylor Swift Attending Football Games

5 months ago

While Taylor Swift has faced criticism for her brief appearances on screen during NFL games, a TikTok video from a supportive father sheds light on the positive impact such moments can have on family relationships.

The TikTok revelation

TikTok user @curmudge_john2.0, a self-proclaimed Swiftie and a father, recently took to the platform to address the ongoing criticism directed at Taylor Swift for being shown at NFL games. In his video, John encourages fellow dads, especially those with teenage daughters, to embrace and appreciate Taylor’s presence at these sporting events.

John’s perspective

John opens the video with a piece of advice for dads, urging them to stop viewing Taylor Swift as a distraction and instead embrace the opportunity to share meaningful experiences with their daughters. He recounts his own memorable time at a playoff game, enduring freezing temperatures and sitting on a pile of snow, but cherishing the experience of bonding with his teenage daughter.

The Travis Kelce connection

Taylor Swift’s appearances at NFL games are linked to her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. The couple became publicly official in September 2023, and since then, Taylor has been a constant presence at Kelce’s games, drawing the attention of both fans and critics alike.

Positive outcomes

Amidst the negativity, John’s TikTok video highlights the positive impact Taylor Swift’s presence has had on relationships. Many viewers shared their experiences in the comments, revealing how watching football games together, especially with Taylor in attendance, strengthened their connections with family members. The increased viewership of NFL games due to Swift’s presence also indicates a broader appeal and interest in the sport.

Some comments under the video:

  • “Also showing your daughter that you don’t devalue all girl things and girl interests lets them know that their stuff is also cool and important!” Leaphy Dove / TikTok
  • “My wife and daughter have watched more Chief games with me this year than all other years combined. Been married 16 years and my kid is 11.” Ryan M / TikTok
  • “28 years old and my dad went with me to the movies to see the Eras tour and on Saturday we watched the Chiefs game together!” olive_gardner / TikTok
  • “That said, embrace ANYTHING your teenage kids want to do with you, soak it in, and love it like there’s no tomorrow!” manfrxduk1a / TikTok

Looking beyond the hate, it becomes evident that Taylor Swift’s involvement in NFL games has created a ripple effect of positive outcomes. Improved family relationships, heightened viewership, and even newfound connections between fans are just the surface of the benefits stemming from this unique intersection of sports and pop culture.


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